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Monday, December 2, 2013

Patrick Cannon & Michael Barnes Sworn In As Charlotte Mayor And Mayor Pro-Tem








Monday,  Dec 2, 2013 PATRICK CANNON was sworn-in as Charlotte's new Mayor. 

After Mayor's Cannon official ceremony,  fellow Charlotte City Council Member MICHAEL BARNES was Appointed Mayor Pro-Tem by his colleagues.

Both Cannon & Barnes are Moderate Democrats.

I voted for both of these Politicians.


Mayor Cannon made a lot of Promises while delivering his Welcome Speech.

I wrote several of them down to include in this post. 

Check them out below.

Two years from now I will post an Update to see if he kept any of these Promises.




"GOD Is Good!"

"Working Together Works"

"Working Together Is Success"

"Charlotte will become a City ready for Global Competitiveness"

"I want Charlotte to become a Hub for JOBS and Transit"

"I want Charlotte to be more Inclusive of Small Business Owners & a place where People can realize their Dreams"

"I want Charlotte to be a City where it's EASY to do Business"

"I want to put Charlotte's Youth back to Work & Partner with Programs to help At-Risk Youth"

"I want Charlotte to be a City where Vets returning from the Battlefield will find it easy to find JOBS & Ex-Offenders will find it easy to Re-enter Society by being given a 2nd Chance"

"Charlotte needs to be a City where there are a combination of WHITE & BLUE Collar JOBS"

"Charlotte needs to be a City where the next Generation of Leaders are Trained"

"Charlotte needs to do more to help End Domestic Violence and Homelessness"

"Nobody likes a know-it-all"

"Together We Can All Work To Make Charlotte A Safer Place To Live By Looking Out For One Another"

"Together We Can Work To Achieve These Goals"

"GOD Bless the City of Charlotte"

"GOD Bless the State of North Carolina"

"GOD Bless America"

ARTICLE:  "Patrick Cannon Sworn-In As Charlotte Mayor"


New Mayor Patrick Cannon was officially sworn into office Monday night and, in a one-on-one interview with NBC Charlotte, said he intends to usher out the days of “Great State of Mecklenburg” -- a phrase often used to describe Charlotte’s perceived power in North Carolina.
His statement might sound odd coming from the city’s new leader but Cannon said the go-it-alone approach some say the city has taken over the years is harmful.

“We need to do something to change that thought.  And that means making sure you reach out to the General Assembly, our Governor, surrounding counties and/or towns.  And make sure they know we're all in this together," he said shortly before his swearing-in ceremony Monday.

Cannon said the contentious relationship between Charlotte and Raleigh contributed to public spats between state lawmakers and city council during the General Assembly’s legislative session.  Cannon said one of his first priorities is to start mending those relationships.

“What I can do is to start reaching out to them early on.  I've already started with our local delegation.  I'll go beyond that of course,” he said.

Cannon is setting ambitious goals for himself.  Within his first six months in office he hopes voters will notice a difference in an unemployment rate, business climate and the airport authority dispute.

“Those are a few things where people can take a step back and say, ‘You know what, here are some areas the new mayor has already made some pretty good steps in a very short period of time,’" he said.

Cannon, who boasts he’s gone from public housing to public office, said his first few moments in the corner office of the government center Tuesday morning will be special.

“I'll step in, and I'll probably say ‘Wow.  I'm Mayor."


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