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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Politician Cousin vs Blogger/ Activist Cousin: BLOOD AGAINST BLOOD







“And a Man’s (or Woman’s) Enemies will be the Members of His (or Her) Own Household.”



When GOD allows a Man or Woman to be entrusted with Great POWER it is only to do GOOD for those who are Oppressed, NOT for Personal Gain and to Protect Wealthy Friends.

I didn’t want to expound on the information in this Post but now I feel compelled to do so because things have gotten DIRTY unnecessarily.

I have previously Shared with my Facebook Family that I have a Blood Relative who is a Well-known POLITICIAN.

This is TRUE.

Absolute TRUTH!

However I won’t disclose his name.


This Relative is my First Cousin.

He was reared by his Maternal Grandmother.

His Grandmother and My Biological Father (now Deceased), were Brother & Sister.

NOT Half-Brother, nor Half-Sister.

They had the SAME Father & SAME Mother.

Thus My Cousin’s Grandmother and My Biological Father were 100% Brother & Sister and this makes my Cousin and I FIRST Cousins!..


Charlotte, NC is the Native Home of my Cousin.

Brooklyn, NY is My Native Home.

My Father & Mother met years ago in BROOKLYN, NY.

My Father was a BLACK Native American Indian originally from CARTHAGE, NORTH CAROLINA.

My Father was also a Successful Business Owner & a Lifelong Member of the MASONS.


Not long after I was Born, my Parents went their Separate ways.

My Father moved to SOUTH CAROLINA.

My Father married another Woman and remained a Successful Businessman until he Died.

My Father died in 2003 in COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA at the V.A. Hospital.

I have pictures of my Father holding Me when I was an Infant, however I NEVER met him Personally.

I inherited very distinguishable Physical features from my Father’s side of the Family.

Including my Skin Color because my Mother is very Light-skinned but my Father was Darker-Skinned.

I look like my Father’s Sister (My Cousin’s Grandmother).

I have known about my Father’s Family, including my Cousin for years but We never communicated until recently.


Too make a long story short, even though I know my First Cousin is a Well-Known Wealthy POLITICIAN I have NEVER asked my First Cousin for One Penny.


I have also NEVER, EVER asked my First Cousin for any FAVORS.

I have also NEVER, EVER asked my First Cousin to Open any doors for ME.

Nor do I expect him to.


I am Extremely Proud of my Cousin's Success but I have NEVER, EVER, EVER asked him for anything.

Nor do I plan to.


In fact with the exception of writing about him (only because he is a FAMOUS POLITICIAN), I have stayed out of his way.


My First Cousin feels it necessary to use his Power & Connections on Capitol Hill and North Carolina to make Me DISAPPEAR.

He and several other people have consistently gone behind My back to try and DISCREDIT Me, etc.,

This is a Shame.


Please allow me to elaborate further.


Back in 2008 I did NOT Support my Cousin POLITICALLY, instead I chose to Support his Opponent.

It wasn’t Personal, it was only due to My Cousin's Opponent’s Values being more aligned with POLITICAL Issues I endorse.

Just because I am BLACK does NOT I am Obligated to Support EVERY BLACK POLITICIAN in America.

Including those to whom I am Blood-Related.


I had NO Regrets for choosing NOT to Support my Cousin because even though he Won the Election, not soon after he was Elected he began to throw BLACK Voters under the Bus. (Sound Familiar??)

The Only BLACK Voters my Cousin appeared to help were those within his inner Socio-Economic Class. (Sound Familiar??)


I did however Vote for my Cousin’s Re-election but Only because he CHANGED his ways.

He began to treat ALL BLACK VOTERS with the SAME level of Respect as his Wealthy Friends.


In fact My Cousin and several of his POLITICAL Colleagues later Adopted My COMPREHENSIVE HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION PROPOSAL (“THE CHARLOTTE H.O.PE. PROJECT”).........

And used My HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION Proposal to secure a $3 Million STIMULUS Grant from the OBAMA Administration.

I had previously submitted My Proposal in writing to now Deceased Charlotte City Council Member SUSAN BURGESS .

Prior to her Death from Cancer, SUSAN BURGESS personally thanked Me.

Perhaps Blogging about My Cousin's Obvious Disparity towards Charlotte's BLACK Voters who were NOT in his Socio-economic inner Circle finally made a difference.


There was also an issue regarding a Young, BLACK Girl from NEW YORK (FOSTER CHILD) who was Raped and Murdered by her Foster Mother’s Adult Son who was also from NEW YORK.

This Young, BLACK Girl (FOSTER CHILD) was Shot to DEATH one morning while standing at her School Bus Stop.

The Man who Raped and Murdered this 15-year-old Foster Child was 36 years-old and a Convicted FELON.

This 36-year –old Convicted FELON had NO Business being allowed to Adopt this Child, or even having Custody of this Foster Child.

Not only did this Young Girl Die but because she was Pregnant at the time of her Death, her Baby also died soon after being Born.

That equals two MURDERS!


Prior to this Child being Shot to Death, she disclosed her Rape & SEXUAL ABUSE to a local CMPD Detective.

This Child’s testimony was recorded.

I have heard this Child’s Voice and I will NEVER Forget it.

The Child’s Name was: TIFFANY


I Blogged fiercely about this Story because it touched Me Personally .

So why was TIFFANY Shot & KILLED?

Because She Refused to ABORT Her Baby!!


To my surprise I learned there appeared to be a Link between some of my Cousin’s Friends who were also Powerful BLACK POLITICIANS, and this Child’s Death.

At the insistence of local Powerful POLITICIANS (BLACK & White), the local Media tried to Cover Up this Young Girl’s Death by dragging Her name through the MUD as if She caused her Own DEATH.

How Despicable!

Nevertheless I continued to Blog about this Story because I believed the Lord GOD wanted Me to Vindicate her name.



She was a Young, Misguided BLACK FOSTER CHILD (15) who was RAPED & MURDERED by her FOSTER BROTHER!

Due to my constant Blogging about TIFFANY'S Story, her Grandmother (also from NEW YORK) contacted ME.

TIFFANY'S Grandmother disclosed to Me how Charlotte-Mecklenburg County refused her the privilege of attending her Grand Daughter’s Funeral service.

Please understand that my First Cousin was NOT Responsible for TIFFANY'S Death in any way.

Nor was he personally linked to her Death.


But it appeared as if he was using his POLITICAL Influence to help Protect his Friends who WERE linked to her DEATH.


I Blogged about It.

Of course this made my Cousin's Friends very ANGRY!

Many people within my Cousin’s circle tried to SHUT ME UP.


For the life of Me I could NOT understand why they were so ANGRY!


Here were these POWERFUL, Wealthy POLITICIANS (BLACK & WHITE) Fighting against ME, when they should have used their Influence to help REFORM Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s FOSTER CHILD SYSTEM!


I am a Grassroots POLITICAL ACTIVIST Blogger.

Yes I was a WHISTLE BLOWER but it was for the Right Reasons, NOT to get MONEY or become FAMOUS!!


Since when in America is it a CRIME to help PROTECT CHILDREN??



My Twitter Account was HACKED several times & Never Restored.

They even tried to have my Blog taken down.

I had to eventually write an Appeal letter to GOOGLE to have it Restored.


I repeat.


I am a Grassroots POLITICAL ACTIVIST Blogger.

I have NEVER Blogged to become FAMOUS or RICH!


For the record I did NOT become a POLITICAL ACTIVIST Blogger because of My Cousin’s foray into POLITICS.


I live in NORTH CAROLINA which is a very POLITICALLY CORRUPT State.

The Elected POLITICIANS were NOT Listening to the “Little People” i.e., their Constituents.

So I started a Grassroots POLITICAL ACTIVIST Blog and Blogged until Someone with Influence would LISTEN!


I simply wanted JUSTICE for Young, 15-Year-Old BLACK FOSTER CHILD’s Death who was RAPED by a 36-year –old Man. (Convicted FELON)

The local NORTH CAROLINA Media tried to sweep this Young, 15-Year-Old BLACK FOSTER CHILD’s Death’s under the rug but in my Heart & Spirit I could NOT let it rest!

My decision to Blog about her Death caused Me to be DESTROYED (Character Assassination) & DISCREDITED.


Because I Refused to SHUT UP!


Well as the Pressure against Me intensified, I Prayed about it and I believed GOD wanted Me to continue Blogging about this Child’s Death so I did continue.

I Blogged about this Child’s Death until her Killer was brought to JUSTICE and Imprisoned!



Later many of the SAME People who were directly Liable & Responsible for TIFFANY'S Death were Publicly FIRED in Disgrace.


My First Cousin was NOT Implicated because he was NOT Responsible, Nor directly linked to TIFFANY’S Death.


I am by far NOT a Perfect Human Being but I am a Born Again Christian.

I believe in my Heart that JESUS does Love Children and he will VINDICATE them when they are Mistreated.

How does JESUS Vindicate Children when they are Mistreated?

Through the Lives of other Human Beings!


I, Laurel @ BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ was LIED on…… Attacked by very Powerful POLITICIANS…… and BLACK LISTED.

But thank GOD I am still Here!


Prior to this incident I had written a letter about CHILD ABUSE & HEALTH CARE REFORM to former U.S. Senator BILL FRIST.

Senator FRIST replied to my letter.

I Still have the letter from former U.S. Senator BILL FRIST in my Possession.

FYI: NO it was NOT a Computer Generated Letter. It was a Personal letter.


BILL FRIST is a REPUBLICAN, yet he responded to My Concerns.

I wrote to DEMOCRAT U.S. Senators but NONE of them Responded to My Concerns about CHILD ABUSE , the CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEMS or HEALTH CARE REFORM.


I later wrote letters to GEORGE W. BUSH’S Administration seeking to alert them of what was occurring within the NORTH CAROLINA FOSTER CARE & CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES SYSTEM.

I did receive a response and things begin to Slowly CHANGE within NORTH CAROLINA'S FOSTER CARE & CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES SYSTEM.



Yes, I was LIED on…… Attacked by very Powerful POLITICIANS…… and BLACK LISTED.

But thank GOD I am still Here!


I want to make it clear I have absolutely NOTHING Personal against my First Cousin.


I have since met him and communicated with him.

He is a Very Nice Man, with a Beautiful family.

I am Extremely Proud of Him and I have even Blogged about his POLITICAL Success.


So why did I choose to write this Post??


Because I want My First Cousin/ Blood Relative to let go of whatever Negativity is in his Heart against ME.

I want the RETALIATION & BACKLASH to Stop.


We are Blood and both of Us are BLACK!


I have done him NO Personal Harm.

My Blogging did NOT Stop, nor Slow down his Success.

So what is the point of trying to DESTROY Me??


I Only wanted to see Low Income & Middle Class BLACK Voters in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County be treated with the SAME level of Respect and Appreciation as WHITE Voters.


I Only wanted to see JUSTICE for a Young, BLACK Girl who was a FOSTER CHILD from NEW YORK and Her Baby.

Both of whom were MURDERED at the hands of a Violent RAPIST.

I Only wanted to see REFORM to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES SYSTEM because BLACK & LATINO CHILDREN were NOT being Protected.




There were too many BLACK & LATINO CHILDREN being needlessly thrown into FOSTER CARE just to procure Federal Funding for the State of NORTH CAROLINA.



Life on Planet EARTH is too Short for Human Beings to Fight against their Own Blood Relatives.

We don’t have to be Best Friends but the Fighting needs to END.


I ask GOD to Open My Cousin’s eyes and I PRAY God’s Continued Success on his Life in JESUS Name.

It’s time to LET IT GO.





“And a Man’s (or Woman’s) Enemies will be the Members of His (or Her) Own Household.”



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