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Sunday, November 17, 2013

GOP Leaders Want To Repeal Obamacare But Have NO Alternative!

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GOP Leaders want to REPEAL the Affordable Care Act aka OBAMACARE.

But they have Absolutely NO Viable Alternative to Replace OBAMACARE!

Now I could be Wrong, but it appears as if GOP Leaders are completely Satisfied with American Citizens spending their Hard Earned MONEY on Substandard Expensive Health Care Insurance Policies.

Policies that don't Accept Members with Pre-Existing Conditions......have Lifetime Maximum Limits.


Drops Kids at 18!!

So if GOP Leaders are Successful at REPEALING Pres Obama's Affordable Care Act........

Will we Revert back to the STATUS QUO in American Health Care Insurance??

What is the GOP ALTERNATIVE for the American People???

How can GOP Leaders be so Politically Selfish??

I mean really!!


Sources:   TIME Magazine;   Washington Post



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