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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

George Zimmerman is Arrested Again For Domestic Violence (He's a Violent Murderer!)

Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman



Renisha-McBride RIP

Theodore Paul Wafer 54 Murderer






Tuesday a Judge set Bail for George Zimmerman at $9,000 in his recent Domestic Assault case.

Monday he had NO BAIL.

Tuesday his BAIL was set at just $9,000.00 Dollars

(I disclosed to You previously that Zimmerman is most likely receiving Special behind-the-scenes Legal Protection.)

The Prosecutor says Zimmerman's Girlfriend claimed Zimmerman tried to choke her about a week earlier.

As Conditions of his Release Zimmerman is not allowed to have any weapons and will have to wear an electronic tracker.


The RACIST Jury that Acquitted Zimmerman, and FOX NEWS looks real Stupid right now!!


GEORGE ZIMMERMAN's Domestic Violence History was Legally Suppressed during his Murder Trial by ZIMMERMAN's Skilled Attorneys and the State of FLORIDA.

TRAYVON MARTIN'S Female Friend RACHEL JEANTEL may also have Contributed to Zimmerman's Aquittal because the Jury Judged her on her Behavior in the Courtroom while on the Witness Stand.

RACHEL JEANTEL'S Bad Attitude on the Witness Stand appeared to cause the Jury to Judge TRAYVON MARTIN'S Character based on RACHEL JEANTEL'S responses while being questioned.

(Members of the Jury said they did NOT find her Testimony Credible.)

While I'm sure TRAYVON MARTIN was NOT a Gangster,  Nor a Juvenile Delinquent he was Judged incorrectly mainly due to the  Behavior of his Friend RACHEL JEANTEL.

The Mainstream Media made excuses for RACHEL by attributing her Bad Attitude to being HAITIAN and to being Nervous before  the Television Cameras.

This was clearly an Insult to the HAITIAN Community.

I have communicated with many HAITIAN People in My life time and I found them to be Very Intelligent People.

The Media even made excuses for RACHEL Not being able to Read Cursive Writing at the age of 19.

I received a lot of Backlash for having said this last Summer during the Trial but since Zimmerman Walked,  I certainly wasn't WRONG!

RACHEL JEANTEL is now being Rewarded for having helped the Murderer of her Friend TRAYVON MARTIN be Acquitted.



Thank GOD the TRUTH about what kind of Man GEORGE ZIMMERMAN really is,   finally being Exposed!

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is a Violent, Cold-Blooded MURDERER and that is a FACT!


Soon America will see another Violent, Cold-Blooded MURDERER walk Free for Murdering an Unarmed BLACK Youth.

THEODORE PAUL WAFER will be Acquitted for the Murder of RENISHA MCBRIDE.

 Any BLACK Citizen who assists in the Acquittal of THEODORE PAUL WAFER will most likely also be Rewarded just as RACHEL JEANTEL was.

Who will the State of Michigan find to be the "RACHEL JEANTEL"  for THEODORE PAUL WAFER'S Murder Trial??


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