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Saturday, July 21, 2012

James Eagan Holmes vs John Allen Muhammad: Same Crime, Different Punishment (Execution vs Psych Ward; Videos)

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2012 Presidential Election

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2012 Presidential Election

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Ramadan 2012 began on Friday, July 20.

Who remembers John Allen Muhammad, the "DC Sniper"??

Please stay with me and you will understand why I am mentioning John Allen Muhammad in this post.

What a Coincidence that on the First day of Ramadan 2012, this Coward, James Eagan Holmes a WHITE, PhD. Student in Aurora, Colorado, Sparks a Massacre?

But is this really a Coincidence?

Listen I don't care what anyone says, I strongly believe this Dude who by Natural Standards is an Academic Genius, Carefully Planned this Tragic Event to take place on the First Day of Ramadan 2012.

Ramadan is a Muslim Holiday.

After 9-11 most Americans connect Muslims with Terrorism and Violent Behavior.

Most Americans do NOT associate Gun Violence with Terrorism, however they do think of Muslims & Terrorism as being one in the same.

Call me a "Conspiracy Theorist" if you want to but its what I believe.

I don't believe that James Eagan Holmes was just some Sad, Lonely, Anti-Social, Intellectually Brilliant WHITE Guy.

I do however believe he may have had ties with the Aurora Tea Party or some other type of WHITE Supremacist Organization.

By the way now James Eagan Holmes is being Described as a "Nice Christian Boy", just like George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman is another Cold-Blooded Murderer.

George Zimmerman is also Half-WHITE; actually Zimmerman is Half-Hispanic & Half-White.

There are also claims coming forth of Holmes having used the Prescription Drug Vicodin prior to him Murdering 14 People & wounding 59 others.

George Zimmerman is using Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law as a Defense.

No doubt James Eagan Holmes' family will use Mental Illness or blame his actions on Vicodin.

When WHITE People or Half-WHITE People Commit Murder its because something caused them to CRACK, thus they Don't deserve Prison nor Execution.

When BLACK People Commit Murder they are just Cold-Blooded Killers who Deserve to be Executed like Dogs.

Of course Pres. Obama & the Federal Gov't won't Publicly Admit this Fact because Pres. Obama still needs some WHITE Votes to win the 2012 Election.

Its OK to Ignore what's going on in Chicago or to Insult BLACK Voters but Democrat Politicians would NOT Ever Dare Insult WHITE Voters!

Chicago's BLACK Community can be Traumatized by Gun Violence and NO One Cares!

NO Vigils! No Flags being flown at Half-Mast! NOTHING!

After all they are just Poor, BLACK People right? So Who Cares???

James Eagan Holmes was Angry but he was NOT Insane!

Holmes frequently used the Internet but erased his Web 2.0 Footprints so he could not be traced.

He was NOT Crazy!
He was NOT Lonely!
He was NOT Sad!
He was NOT Stupid!
He was NOT Poor!

James Eagan Holmes Majored in Neuro Science (Doctoral Degree Student) thus he knew exactly what he was doing.

He also knew that Friday, July 20, was the First day of Ramadan 2012.

Now due to Colorado's Lax Gun Laws & very Lenient Criminal Justice System, watch James Holmes WALK.

WALK as in he'll will play CRAZY & be sent to the Psych Ward versus receiving Life in Prison or the Death Penalty.

Has anyone noticed how in States with Large Populations of WHITE, Wealthy People like Colorado, Vermont, Maine, the Criminal Justice System Laws are very Lenient?

However in States with Large Populations of BLACK, Low Income People like North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Illinois, the Criminal Justice System Laws are very Harsh??

Just a thought.

John Allen Muhammad i.e., the “DC Sniper” Shot & Killed at least 10 People in Cold-Blood and was Executed on November 10, 2009 in Virginia.

John Allen Muhammad was a BLACK Man!

By all accounts John Allen Muhammad was Truly CRAZY!

He literally became Insane from Life’s Pressures and as a Former Soldier (U.S. Army) he also probably Suffered from PTSD, yet Muhammad was Executed like a Dog.

Please don't think that I am attempting to depict John Allen Muhammad to be some kind of a "Saint" because he wasn't.

Like James Eagan Holmes, John Allen Muhammad was also a Mass Murderer.

The Difference?

One guy was BLACK and the other guy is WHITE.

James Eagan Holmes was a LONE WOLF/ DOMESTIC TERRORIST plain & simple.

But will Holmes receive the Same Punishment for the Same Crime committed by John Allen Muhammad?


In America WHITE People NEVER receive the Same Punishment for committing the Same Crimes as BLACK People.

That's just the way it is. Period!

Holmes Murdered at least 14 people in Cold-Blood in Aurora, Colorado and Seriously Wounded at least 59 People.

James Eagan Holmes is a Young, Intellectually Brilliant WHITE Guy.

John Allen Muhammad was Prosecuted for his Crimes & Executed.

James Eagan Holmes will NOT be Prosecuted & he will WALK via reason of “Insanity” due to Colorado's very Lenient Criminal Justice System Laws.

Holmes will be Sentenced to a Psych Ward just like Jared Loughner.

In 2011 Jared Loughner Murdered 6 People in Cold-Blood.

Ramadan 2012 began on July 20.

On July 20, 2012 James Eagan Holmes Massacred at least 14 people in Aurora, Colorado.

James Holmes: Colorado Shooting Suspect Had Few Digital Fingerprints

Since the tragedy in Colorado, authorities, news organizations, and people around the country have been trying to find out all they could about the suspected shooter, James Holmes.

A logical place to look was online. However, it appeared, at least early on, that Holmes had very few digital footprints.

No Facebook account. No Twitter account. Not even a mention of him in an article or Google search. No physical address listing. So far ABC News has only been able to find his email address at the University of Colorado Denver. TMZ reported it was also able to dig up an old MySpace photo, though it said he apparently had no real MySpace friends.

Holmes may be different from other alleged shooters. The man arrested in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, Jared Loughner, had a MySpace page and a YouTube account. Anders Breivik, accused of killing 77 people in Norway, published a manifesto online. Holmes, in contrast, appears to be what some call "Web dead."

While it is possible that Holmes simply didn't have much of an online identity, it seems unlikely that he had no online fingerprints at all. Some experts suggest an online identity under a pseudonym may emerge, or that Holmes, as a tech-savvy graduate student, limited himself university communications that were password-protected.

"It could be that he is using a different name online or some variation of his name or another name entirely," Eva Galperin, International Freedom of Expression Coordinator at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told ABC News. "He could have a significant online presence and we would not know about it."

Other sources, who asked not to be quoted by name, made the same point.

Many sites and social media services, like Facebook and Google Plus, have policies requiring users to go by their real names. However, if the name you use looks real and isn't flagged, you can easily get away without giving away your true identity.

There is also the possibility that Holmes worked hard to erase his identity online, but experts think that's unlikely.

"It is very hard to have no digital footprint right now," Michael Fertik, the CEO and founder of, told ABC News. "What my company stands for is creating the digital footprint you want."

Fertik said it would be very hard for Holmes to have left no online or digital traces over recent years. "It would be very unusual for a 24-year-old to have nothing on the Internet. My guess is that we don't know what name he was using online."

A service like or would help clear some of the history, but not all of it, Fertik said.

James Holmes is a common name, which complicates things. In the hours after Holmes was named as the suspect, people flocked to Facebook and Twitter to learn more about Holmes. Another James Holmes living in Littleton, Colorado had his Facebook page flooded with comments.

"I appreciate the fact that you are trying to become better-informed about the occurrences last night in Aurora, but you have been somewhat mislead, in that I am not the man who did it," the other James Holmes wrote on his Facebook wall. "I am not a 24-year-old gun-slinging killer from Aurora, I am a 22-year old book-slinging mass eater from Littleton." He signed the message "Regards, A different guy named James Holmes."

Whether he has a common name or not, James Holmes does have a background. It may just not be one easily found through a computer.

"Generally the way intelligence surfaces is by looking at the person's social networks -- not Facebook or Google Plus -- but looking at their friends or real-life contacts," Eva Galperin said.

John Allen Muhammad Biography

Born John Allen Williams on December 31, 1960, in Louisiana, John Allen Muhammad became an infamous figure in American culture as part of a sniper team, with Lee Boyd Malvo, that terrorized the Washington, DC, area for several weeks in October 2002. Making a sniper nest out of the trunk of his car, he and Malvo killed 10 people and injured 3. Muhammad was executed in November 2009.

Mass murderer. Born John Allen Williams on December 31, 1960, in Louisiana. John Allen Muhammad became an infamous figure American culture as part of a sniper team that terrorized the Washington, D.C. area for several weeks in October 2002. He was raised by an aunt in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after his mother died when he was 4.

After high school, Muhammad got married to Carol Kaglear and joined the Louisiana Army National Guard. They had a son named Lindbergh. At first, his military career seemed promising. He was described as personable and outgoing by one of his commanders, but by the early 1980s cracks were beginning to show in his faade. He got into trouble twice—once for failing to report for duty and another time for hitting an officer.

Muhammad changed his life around in 1985. He separated from his wife, converted to Islam, and joined the U.S. Army. He was stationed in Washington State and later married Mildred Green. The couple had three children. The army seemed to be a good fit for Muhammad, at least for a time. He became a skilled marksman and served in Germany and the Middle East during the Gulf War.

Becoming restless, Muhammad left the military in 1994. He tried to start his own business twice, first with an auto mechanic shop and then a karate school, but both ventures failed. In 1999, his second wife Mildred filed for divorce, and the next year she got a restraining order against Muhammad because the threats he made against her.

Shortly after the order was issued, Muhammad fled with the couple's three children. He took them to Antigua. It believed that this is also where met his future accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo. Muhammad later returned to the United States settling in Bellingham, Washington, with his children. Soon, however, police officers found him and returned the children to their mother's custody. She moved with them to Maryland.

Enraged over the loss of his children, Muhammad began to fixate on Malvo who had moved to Bellingham with his mother, Una James, that October. They together lived in a homeless shelter and developed a disturbing father-son dynamic. Muhammad seemed to control every aspect of Malvo's life, imposing an exercise program and a special diet, one that reportedly consisted of honey and crackers at one point.

Malvo and James were taken into custody by immigration officials in December 2001 for being in the country illegally. But they were released while waiting for a hearing, and Muhammad was soon reunited with Malvo.

He began to teach Malvo how to use a gun, and they used a tree stump

in a friend's yard for target practice.

By the fall of 2002, Muhammad and Malvo had moved on from tree stumps to real-life victims. They were involved in a liquor store shooting in Alabama before beginning their assault on the Washington, D.C. area in October. Muhammad's ex-wife Mildred and his three children lived in nearby Maryland and there were reports that Muhammad stalked the family around the time of sniper attacks.

A skilled mechanic, Muhammad put his talents to evil use,

making a sniper nest out of the trunk of his car. He and Malvo worked as team in the shooting with one man firing the rifle while the other watched the victims. They often targeted people doing simple, everyday tasks, such as pumping their gas or leaving a store. In total, they killed 10 people and injured three others in the D.C. area.

After several killings, Muhammad and Malvo began to taunt the police. They left a note on a tarot card that read: "Mister policeman, I am God" after one shooting. The police were stumped as there seemed to be no motive or pattern to the attacks. Then the snipers demanded $10 million to stop shooting. But the real break in the case came from phone calls to a tip line and to two priests from someone claiming to be the sniper. He pointed them in the direction of an earlier Alabama shooting. At the scene of that crime, Malvo had dropped a brochure, which had one of his fingerprints on it. That fingerprint was matched on file with the immigration records, giving the authorities their first suspect.

On October 24, more than 20 days after the rampage began, the authorities surrounded the vehicle in which Muhammad and Malvo. They were taken into custody and arrested. Since they committed their crimes in several states, the authorities had to decide where the pair should be tried first. Muhammad and Malvo had separate trials.

In his defense, his lawyers pointed to Malvo as the sole triggerman. Still a 2003 jury for the murder of Dean Harold Meyers recommended that he be sentenced to death. And he was convicted on six counts of murder in another trial in Maryland in 2006. Malvo testified against Muhammad during this trial, saying that Muhammad had pulled the trigger on the first six shootings.

Muhammad served his sentence at Sussex I State Prison in Virginia, until his death by lethal injection on November 10, 2009.

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