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Friday, May 25, 2012

Obama Uses "Cowpie" Politics To Woo Blue Collar WHITE Voters

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I understand why Pres. Obama feels it is necessary to reach out more to Blue Collar WHITE Voters in 2012.

Every Vote Counts!


He appears to be reaching out to EVERY ethnic group but BLACK Voters.

For Pres. Obama's re-election team to assume it is NOT necessary to reach out to BLACK Voters when the BLACK Community has Suffered the Highest Unemployment numbers for 3 consecutive years, is a Huge Mistake.

YES he will still capture the BLACK Vote in 2012 but it most certainly will NOT be the 97% he captured back in 2008.

In 2008 Pres. Obama surrounded himself with a predominantly WHITE Campaign Staff for the purpose of being Elected as the First BLACK President of the United States.
The American BLACK Community Understood why & didn't hold it against him.
Fast forward to 2012.

Pres. Obama's Re-election Campaign is still predominantly WHITE!

For 3 1/2 Consecutive Years Unemployment within the American BLACK Community has remained Extremely High, yet Pres. Obama's predominantly WHITE Re-election team does NOT feel it necessary for him to Reach out more to the BLACK Community.

Last Weekend during his Appearance on "Meet The Press", Mayor Cory Booker (a Well Known BLACK Politician) offered Pres. Obama's Re-election some helpful, Constructive Criticism in an Polite, Intelligent Manner and was Bashed by the Mainstream Media for doing so.

Now the National Polls: Gallup, NBC, Marist, Pew, PPP, CNN, CBS, NY Times, PPP, All show that Pres. Obama is in Trouble with Voters due to High Unemployment & a Lingering Troubled Economy.

If I were Pres. Obama I would have listened to Cory Booker's Suggestion/ Advice with Strong Consideration versus just choosing to listen to his predominantly WHITE Re-election Campaign Staff.

WHITE is NOT Always Right!


I really hope Pres. Obama realizes this before its too late.

Obama: Romney offers 'cowpie of distortion'

President Obama offered an earthy rural metaphor to blast Mitt Romney last night in Iowa, saying the Republican candidate offered voters "a cowpie of distortion" in a recent speech.

"I don't know whose record he twisted the most," Obama said. "Mine or his."

Speaking to supporters at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, Obama said that during Romney's last visit to Iowa he exaggerated the administration's spending and failed to give it credit for budget cuts.

The president also said Romney's background as a millionaire private equity manager doesn't prepare him for the presidency.

"The challenge we've faced for over a decade is that harder work hasn't led to higher incomes," Obama said. "Bigger profits haven't led to better jobs. And you can't solve that problem if you can't even see that it's a problem."

The president blasted Romney's proposals for more tax cuts, again appealing to Iowa's rural sensibility: "Five trillion dollars in new tax cuts ... that is like trying to put out a prairie fire with some gasoline."

Romney aides said Obama is attacking their candidate in order to cover up his own failures.

"A president who broke his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term has no standing when it comes to fiscal responsibility," Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said.

More on Obama's Iowa appearance from Jennifer Jacobs of The Des Moines Register:

Mitt Romney gave Iowans a "cowpie of distortion" when he said he knows how to douse the nation's "prairie fire of debt," President Barack Obama said in his first campaign event in Iowa of this election cycle.

Obama offered a no-holds-barred thumping of Romney on Thursday night, ridiculing his GOP rival's profit-maximizing philosophy as inadequate for the White House, blasting Romney's plan for big tax cuts for almost every millionaire in the country, and poking fun at the Republican's speech in Des Moines 10 days ago.

"You know, he left out some facts. His speech was more like a cowpie of distortion," Obama said to hoots of laughter from a crowd of 2,500 inside the Knapp Center at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. ...

Iowa has a mere six electoral votes, but it's among about a dozen states viewed as critical for Obama or Romney, the all-but-certain GOP nominee, to snag the necessary 270 to win the White House. ...

Obama has visited the Hawkeye State nine times as president. He was here just a month ago, and this was his third Iowa trip so far this year. Five more Iowa excursions have been racked up by the first lady, vice president and vice president's wife.

"This is going to be harder than it was the last time," said Obama, who already has done nine TV advertisements here this year, in comparison with one ad by the Romney campaign. "But Iowa is full of hardworking folk."

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Sources: Des Moines Register, Mediaite, MSNBC, USA Today, Google Maps

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