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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Holds Presser In Front Of Solyndra! Romney Might Win In November! Wake Up Democrats!

On Thursday Pres. Obama's Opponent Mitt Romney held a Secret Press Conference in front of the Closed Solyndra Plant Headquarters.

Dirty but Brilliant!

I can imagine Pres. Obama was probably steaming when he found out about it.



In case you haven't noticed the GOP is NOT playing!

Now that its Official Romney has the Delegates needed to become the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate, Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, Art Pope, the Tea Party, Rupert Murdoch & All that Big Republican Party Money will be used to help Romney Win.


Tea Partiers are going Hard to gain control of the U.S. Senate just as they took Control of the House back in 2010.

So while Democrats are scrambling like Ants to raise Money to remain Politically Relevant, the GOP is laughing all the way to the Bank!

I don't want to sound like a Killjoy but its the Democrats' Fault!

For 3 1/2 Years Democrats didn't do nearly enough to lower the National Unemployment rate or Stop Widespread Employment Discrimination aimed at BLACK & Latinos.

We can't blame the Filibustering GOP for everything because from January 2009 until January 2011 Democrats had Total Control of the House & Senate.

During that time frame Democrats could have done a lot more to focus on Jobs.

Well What about the Stimulus Package you ask?

What about it????

When all the Smoke cleared about the Stimulus Hype, it was later discovered to be Nothing more than a Political Favor Payback Package.

A Political Payback Package which allocated less than 1% of StimulusFunding to Help BLACK-Owned Businesses.

To make matters worse Billions were Wasted by Governors like Bev Perdue (D-NC) who used it to plug up State Budget Deficits, rather than Create and Save Jobs.

Now BLACKS & Latinos who really want to give more to help Pres. Obama's campaign just CAN'T do it like they did it back in 2008.

However instead of Focusing on the Economy, Democrats are spending their time on Social Issues: ABORTION RIGHTS, Gender Selection ABORTION, Gay Marriage, etc.,

NOT Jobs!
NOT helping Small Businesses!
NOT the Economy!


Who IS Laser-Focused on the Economy & Jobs?

Mitt Romney & his Uber Wealthy GOP Cronies that's Who!!

So how does it look for November 2012?

Let's just be REAL shall we?

Its NOT looking too good!

As it stands Romney & Pres. Obama are currently in a Dead Heat and Romney is gaining ground in Florida.

Pres. Obama's 2008 Campaign's Strategy will NOT work in 2012.

But Romney & his Uber Wealthy GOP Supporters are READY!

Is it still possible for Pres. Obama to Win again?

Its Possible but it doesn't look too good!

NO It doesn't look good at all.

Its also possible that Mitt Romney may Win.

If Romney takes Florida in November, its a Wrap!

Please don't call me Pessimistic because I'm just keeping it REAL.

It doesn't look good at all.

If Democrats want to Win in November they Need to Focus More on the Economy,
Jobs, Small Businesses, Voting Rights & Stopping Widespread Employment Discrimination aimed at BLACKS & Latinos!!

Democrat Leaders Need to get their Heads out of the Clouds!


Its NO Laughing Matter!

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Sources: CBS News, Google Maps

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