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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cory Booker "Nauseated!" Offers Constructive Criticism Then Walks It Back! EXCLUSION, GROUP THINK & The NAACP

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Cory Booker a Rising Star within the Democratic Party, Offered the Obama Campaign some Constructive Criticism regarding Pres. Obama's Re-election Campaign attacks against Romney over his Bain Capital Job Creation record then very quickly walked it back.


Mayor Booker does NOT want to be Excluded from Key Political Inner Circles.

Here is Cory Booker's Follow Up Video to his recent Appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press".
He walked back his Constructive Criticism for Pres. Obama's Re-election campaign regarding Romney's Bain Capital Jobs record REAL QUICK!

See what I mean.

Booker does NOT want to be Excluded from Key Political Inner Circles.

Unfortunately for Cory he can NOT take back what he said.

Going forward it will be interesting to see how Pres. Obama's People treats Booker going forward.

Let's see if Pres. Obama's Key Inner Circle Ostracizes & EXCLUDES Booker for simply offering another Helpful Political Perspective.

The 21st Century NAACP is NOT about REAL Civil Rights. Its about Controlling the Collective BLACK Community! i.e, GROUP THINK! STAY IN LINE!

The NAACP is a BLACK Greek Letter Political Organization. Its True Mission: Controlling the American BLACK Community!

"Surrounding Yourself w/ people who consistently Agree with You on EVERY issue, means One of us isn't Necessary."

What is the Distinct Difference between BLACK Unity vs Group Think?

Group Think philosophy is what Drives Most BLACK Greek Fraternities & Sororities.

But it requires REAL Courage to be willing to Think outside the Box, Think apart from a Group & Stand by Your Principles and Opinions regarding Important Issues.

Is it a Crime for BLACK People to Think as Individuals & use the Good Minds God Blessed us with?

Should BLACK People be allowed to offer Pres. Obama Constructive Political Criticism without being Banned, Blacklisted or Ostracized by Other BLACK People?


To Disagree is NOT a demonstration of Hatred or Mental Illness. Its Just Life!

Isn't that Why GOD gave us a Brain & Mind to THINK Individually with?

In fact ALL Human Beings regardless of Ethnicity or Social Status, should all be able to Disagree Agreeably without Fear of being labeled a "Troublemaker" or Fear of Exclusion. i.e, Blacklisted!

This includes Pres. Obama who does NOT Need to consistently surround himself with "YES" folks.
Its Important for him to also hear Constructive Criticism.

This Morning on NBC's "Meet The Press" Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker offered some Constructive Criticism for Pres. Obama's Mostly WHITE Re-election Campaign Staff regarding their decision to Attack Mitt Romney's JOB Creation at Bain Capital.

While its True that All is Fair in Love, War & Politics,

I don't think its Wise for Pres. Obama's Re-election Campaign to Focus on Romney's Job Creation record at Bain when the U.S. Unemployment Rate has remained High for 3 Consecutive Years Straight.

Especially Unemployment within the BLACK Community!

Pres. Obama is a BLACK President and yet the BLACK Community's Unemployment Rate has lingered at 16 to 55% for 3 Years depending upon local Demographics.

Thus I agree with Cory Booker's analysis regarding attacking Romney on Creating Jobs.

And even though Romney's Massachusetts Job Creation record was No. 47 in the Nation, it doesn't really matter.


Because Massachusetts was NOT No. 47 for three consecutive Years in a row!

On the other hand America's Unemployment Rate HAS been High for three Consecutive Years in a row.

And Super High for the BLACK Community three years in a row.

I know that Pres. Obama DID in fact Inherit George W. Bush's Mess, nevertheless America's Unemployment Rate has been Extremely High for three Consecutive Years in a row.

That's NOT Good News for an Incumbent President seeking Re-election.

Mitt Romney is a Businessman who understands Business, that's his area of Expertise.

Romney is NOT a Politician!

He's a Businessman who knows how to make Money & knows how to Reform Businesses.

Just as it is in the Political world, sometimes Reform HURTS.

So Mayor Booker was simply looking out for Pres. Obama when he suggested that Obama's Mostly WHITE Re-election campaign staff think twice before attacking Romney's Job Creation while he was employed at Bain Capital.

Mayor Cory Booker says he is "Uneasy" regarding Democrats attacking Romney's JOBS Record at Bain. He's Right!

It Won't Work!

Romney is campaigning as a Successful Businessman NOT a Politician.

Romney's Mission at Bain Capital was to make MONEY for the company's Investor.

That's It!

Romney did that Very Well!

However immediately after Cory Booker Offered the Obama Campaign some Constructive Criticism then quickly walked it back.


He doesn't want to be Excluded from the Inner Circles.

i.e., Cory doesn't want to be Blacklisted. I understand. Its part of the Game.

Should BLACK People be allowed to offer Pres. Obama Constructive Political Criticism without being Banned, Blacklisted or Ostracized?


Isn't that Why GOD gave us a Brain & Mind to THINK Individually with?

Unfortunately the Mainstream Media does NOT want BLACK People to THINK for themselves.

They Prefer that BLACK Community All THINK Alike & Agree Alike on Every Issue.
i.e., Group Think!

Group Think makes the BLACK Community easier to Control.

Now you know why the Feds always Send in the NAACP to Calm us Down or Tells us what to Think about Every Situation.

And notice whenever a BLACK Human Being chooses NOT to "Fall In Line", He Or She is Banned, Blacklisted or Ostracized by the rest of the BLACK Community.

So I understand why Cory Booker felt he had to walk back his Constructive Political Criticism for Pres. Obama's Mostly WHITE Re-election Campaign Staff.

Yes I understand.

Group Think philosophy is what Drives Most BLACK Greek Fraternities & Sororities.

In many cases BLACK Greek Fraternities & Sororities Promotes Group Think Mentality within the BLACK Community.

What is the Distinct Difference between BLACK Unity vs Group Think?

BLACK Cal. State Students Kristin High & Kenitha Saafir Drowned while Pledging to become AKAs. Was it Worth it?

BLACK FAMU Student & Band Member Robert Champion lost his life to Hazing. Was it worth it?

Is the Gay Lifestyle promoted within some BLACK Greek Letter Organizations?

"Crossing Over" concludes the BLACK Greek Letter Organization Pledging Process. Where do they "Cross Over" to? What's the FINAL Destination?

Is it Possible to EVER really Leave or Denounce membership to a BLACK Greek Letter Organization?

Once again I ask does BLACK Greek Letter Organizations promote Group Think Mentality within the American BLACK Community?

Dying to Belong: Pledging to become an AKA Soror. IDOLATRY & HUMAN WORSHIP!

Are BLACK Greek Letter Organizations still Necessary for Survival as a BLACK Citizen living in the 21st Century or do they Discourage True Diversity & Unity with other Ethnic Groups?

What is the TRUE Agenda of BLACK Greek Letter Organizations? To Promote Group Think without Questioning Authority! i.e., SLAVERY!

Cory Booker’s Conscience Held Hostage, Day One

On Morning Joe, Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s subsequent video explaining that he has no real quarrel with the tactics and methods of the Obama campaign is compared to a “hostage tape.”

On Twitter this morning, I’ve been… extending the metaphor.

“One image says it all: The flag of the seal of Newark, being burned by angry crowd of Obama staffers outside Booker’s embassy gates…

Ever since Shah Daley left the Obama camp, there has been fear that the radical young students had taken over the movement… Analysts note that in his hostage tape, Booker blinks in Morse code, ‘MY CITY STILL NEEDS A THRIVING FINANCIAL SECTOR.’ …

A figure with ties to both the Obama camp and high finance, like Jon Corzine, may be permitted to visit Booker’s conscience in captivity….

The angry mob of Obama staffers is now chanting, “DOWN WITH THE GREAT LIEBERMAN,” an ancient figure associated with betrayal in their faith…

In an ominous development for the fate of Booker’s conscience, Ayatollah Axelrod has declared it guilty of “apostasy against our deity.” When Booker’s conscience called the Bain attacks “crap” and “nauseating”, he committed blasphemy under the strict orthodoxy of Obamism…

All across the country, candlelight vigils are beginning, with millions praying for the safe release of Cory Booker’s conscience.”

What Cory Booker finds 'nauseating'

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, widely considered a rising star in Democratic politics, raised quite a few eyebrows yesterday when he denounced criticism of Mitt Romney's work at Bain Capital.

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Booker said, "[F]rom a very personal level, I'm not about to sit here and indict private equity," adding he's "very uncomfortable with" the recent talk about Bain. Drawing a parallel between attacks on Jeremiah Wright and criticism of Romney's private-sector work, the mayor said, "[T]his kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides."

It was an unexpected, and rather confusing, argument. For one thing, I've seen no evidence of Democrats attacking private equity in general, but rather, criticizing Romney's specific tactics: orchestrating leveraged buyouts, loading up companies with large debts, flipping them quickly for large profits, and treating thousands of laid off workers as collateral damage. For another, Obama isn't running around saying, "Vote for me because I was a member of Wright's church," so comparing Bain criticism to The Ricketts Plan is misplaced.

As reports of Booker's comments spread -- Republicans were promoting them heavily -- the mayor felt the need to clarify matters in a YouTube clip.

It's hard to see this as anything but a reversal. Whereas on "Meet the Press," Booker said in no uncertain terms, "Stop attacking private equity," the mayor said in his clip, "Let me be clear: Mitt Romney has made his business record a centerpiece of his campaign. He's talked about himself as a job creator. And therefore it is reasonable -- and in fact I encourage it -- for the Obama campaign to examine that record and discuss it. I have no problem with that."

Apparently, upon further reflection, the scrutiny of Bain is less "nauseating" after all.

Booker added, "In fact, I believe that Mitt Romney, in many ways, is not being completely honest with his role and his record even while a businessperson, and is shaping it to serve his political interest -- and not necessary include all the facts of his time there."

The walk-back was no doubt welcome news at President Obama's campaign headquarters, but it may be a while before Booker lives this one down. The Newark mayor has been a popular Obama surrogate, but I suspect his role won't be as high profile going forward.

To be sure, plenty of Booker's constituents work in private equity, so it stands to reason he's going to defend the industry -- though the industry is not itself under attack -- but when the Republican National Committee can exploit the on-air comments of a rising Democratic star, after he undermined one of his own party's key election-year messages, it's easy to imagine Booker riding the bench for a while.

Incidentally, CNBC's Jim Cramer, who's generally not considered an Obama ally, also appeared on "Meet the Press" yesterday and said, "Romney's known as a job destroyer, not a creator.... I think Bain sticks. I think the idea that you bring in Bain, which is what happened in the '80s. They fire a lot of people and that's how they get prosperity for the rich."

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