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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cornel West Confronts Obama: "Where's Bail Out For Mainstreet Like You Bailed Out Wall Street?"

Dr. Cornel West To The (Interview):
"The Poor Communities Of Color Need A Bail Out Just Like Wall Street. The BLACK Community Is Too Big To Fail."

"Pres. Obama has an Economics team that's composed of people with No history whatsoever of being concerned about Poor People.

Obama made it clear that when he moved into the White House and it was a Beautiful thing to see he & Michelle and the two precious girls...that he was going to reassure the Establishment.

And that's exactly what he's been doing.
Reassuring the Establishment.

Well there are many of us who believe the Establishment is on Our Necks!
And on the Necks of Brother Jamal & Sister Latisha!

Now Brother Jamal & Sister Latisha need to get their Acts together But...
they can get their Act together all they want.

If the Gov't also does not come through with the kind of Opportunities that a Determined Jamal & Latisha can take Advantage of, they still run up against a Wall.

I think Obama formed certain habits when he Campaigned.

One of the habits he formed was to Neutralize WHITE Fears & Anxieties as he Capitalized on BLACK Solidarity.

So he could have One Size Fitting All When He Campaigned.

To Govern is something else.
But he's still got that Same habit.

So when he talks about the Disproportionate Amount of Social Misery in Poor Communities, One Size Fits All Doesn't Work For The BLACK Community.

When Governing One Size Fits All Does NOT Fit The BLACK Community.

When it comes to the BLACK Community We have to Pull Ourselves Up By Our Bootstraps.

But Wall Street did NOT have to Pull itself up by its bootstraps or have Personal Responsibility!
Wall Street received a $787 Billion Bail Out!

Can you imagine giving $787 Billion Dollars to Poor People?
It Only takes $50 Billion to wipe out Poverty in this Country.

Afghanistan? Its going to take Billions of Dollars!

Its about Priorities!

Its definitely Economics but its also about Priorities in your Economics Policies.

That doesn't downplay Individual Initiative & Personal Responsibility because people Still Need To Get Their Act Together but....

Its just Not enough to have Individual Initiative!

You can have all the Individual Initiative in the World but if you live in the Hood where Bullets are flying, and families are collapsing , where Jobs are Disappearing, then its going to be 1 out of 10,000 to do what the Michael Jordan & Oprah did.

Without the Government's help & a Serious Comprehensive Jobs Policy, things will get Worse.

A Serious Jobs Policy like the New Deal, what the Manufacturing Sector used to do.

The Same way we had an Investment Bank Policy when they were in Trouble.

Communities with People of Color are Too Big To Fail, just like Wall Street was too big to fail.

Just like AIG, just like Goldman Sachs.

Well You know what?

My Partners Are Too Big To Fail."
Dr. Cornel West

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