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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Is Posting Discriminatory Employment Ads: Chicago-Based Company

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Most American Employers know it is Illegal & a Violation of Federal Law to Discriminate against Job Applicants based on Ethnicity, Race, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Faith, Appearance & Disability.

So how are they bypassing Federal Law while still practicing Employment Discrimination?

Via Employment Recruiting Websites such as “ &" By listing Unfair JOB REQUIREMENTS!

For Example:
“Must have 3 Years Experience” (Entry Level Jobs)
“Must have 5 Years Experience” (Entry Level Jobs)
“Must be Currently Employed to Apply”

So what is Pres. Obama’s Administration & Congress doing to STOP this Unfair Practice which continues to keep Millions of American Citizens, mostly BLACKS & Latinos, out of the 21st Century Workforce? Including College Graduates!

What's even worse is that most of the Companies practicing Widespread National Employment Discrimination via Unfair JOB REQUIREMENTS, are Still receiving Government Subsidies & Tax Breaks!!! Posts New Wave Of Discriminatory Job Ads

A recent survey of online job sites has shown that continues to post numerous new ads that discriminate against unemployed job-seekers.

The latest examples appear two months after the National Employment Law Project (NELP) released a report detailing similarly exclusionary job postings this spring.

Since then, federal legislation has been introduced that would ban hiring practices, including job ads, that discriminate against unemployed workers by excluding them from consideration for employment opportunities.

As these harmful practices have attracted growing attention, one leading job site -- -- recently announced it would no longer post such exclusionary ads.

President Obama has recently said he backs legislation to end such discriminatory practices that serve to lock-out unemployed job-seekers from job opportunities, and has included such a federal ban in the proposed American Jobs Act.

In the last month, however, has continued to post new ads like this one for a Medical Pharma Sales Rep in La Crosse, Wisconsin, which not only says applicants "MUST BE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED" -- it also says:

Reminds me of "No soup for you!" But I digress.

Another recent example is this September 5 posting for Restaurant Managers Upscale AGM Needed!! in Louisville, Kentucky. To qualify -- you guessed it -- you "must be currently employed."

Then there's this job posting from September 16 for a Corrugated Packing sales rep in Lima, Ohio which requires applicants to be "currently employed within the Distribution Packaging Jan/san industry."

And then there's this ad on from The Porter Group, posted September 15, looking for a Sales Executive for an interesting firm:

Nice, huh? Oh, well, that probably wasn't something you'd enjoy anyway.

How about the food service industry or the restaurant business? Take a look at this posting from last month from Martin Recruiting Partners for Kitchen Managers in Atlanta, Georgia. Among the required qualifications it says you must be "currently working with a quick casual or full service restaurant manager background."

Sometimes, a limited acceptable duration of unemployment is specified, as in this Restaurant Management, Long Island, NY posting from Gecko Hospitality last month which specifies candidates "must be currently employed or not out of the restaurant business for more than 3 months."

Enough already. This has to stop. And it's not just these pernicious ads -- it's the full range exclusionary practices that discriminate against unemployed job-seekers. If employers, recruiters, staffing firms and online job posting sites like and will not voluntarily do the right thing and end the lockout against unemployed workers in the job market -- as has taken steps to do -- then new federal legislation is clearly needed.

Call your U.S. Representative and Senators and tell them to support and pass the Fair Employment Opportunity Act to end discrimination against unemployed workers in hiring. You can call 202-224-3121 for the Senate and 202-224-3121 for the House, or reach the Capitol switchboard toll-free at 877-851-6437 or 877-210-5351.

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