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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whitney Houston's Death & Michael Jackson's Death: Eerily Similar Circumstances (Music Industry Casualties)

NOTE: This is NOT a Conspiracy Theory blog post.

Who's the Sole Heir to Whitney Houston's Estate?
Her Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown!

This is why I am Urging everyone to please keep this Young Woman in your Daily Prayers in Jesus Name.

Does Bobbi Kristina know something about her Mother's death that some people don't want her to tell? YES!

This is why the Media & Music Industry Insiders are trying so hard to paint her as an Drug Addict and trying to make her Appear CRAZY.

Not many people within the American BLACK Community believes or wants to believe that prior to her Death Whitney Houston was basically BROKE.

Whitney Only earned about $200 to $300 Million in her Prime.

Clive Davis earned about a Cool Billion but NOT Whitney because she Owned NO Publishing Rights Or Songwriting Credits to her Music.

$200 to $300 Million can go very quickly when you are required to pay Managers' Fees, Songwriting Fees, Recording Fees, Touring Expenses, Security, Stylists, Make Up Artists, Family Members, Friends, Property Taxes, etc.,

And....Buy Drugs!

For more than 20 Years Whitney was Enslaved to Contracts with Clive Davis, who NEVER allowed her to be released from her Contracts.

He also NEVER allowed her to sign with other Companies because he is So Powerful in the Entertainment/ Music Industry.

Clive Davis was also a Lawyer who knew how to draft her Contracts to benefit his pockets more than Whitney's.

Due to Health Problems, during the last few years of her Life, Whitney cost Clive Davis More Money then she was able to Physically Earn.

Contrary to Media reports, Clive Davis did NOT Love Whitney!

If he Loved Whitney there is NO Way he would have allowed his Pre-Grammy Party to proceed in the Same Hotel Whitney died in, while her Body remained upstairs in the room Wrapped up in Sheets.

In fact Whitney's Body was NOT removed by the Coroner until AFTER Clive Davis' Party ended, because the Coroner was told to NOT pick up her Body until then.

This is why Chaka Khan was so angry about his Party & did NOT attend.

Clive Davis Loved the Control he possessed over her life & the huge amounts of Money he made from her Gifted Voice when she was in her Prime.

Clive knew Whitney's Music would make a Mint once she died.

Am I Blaming Clive Davis for Whitney Houston's Death? NO.
Am I Implicating Clive Davis in Whitney Houston's Death? NO.

Everyone is free to think or believe as he or she pleases about this situation.

As it relates to her Drug Use, Whitney was introduced to Cocaine by Music Industry Insiders while she Toured because she had difficulty coping with the Stress.

While its true Bobby Brown had issues with certain Substances, he did NOT introduce Whitney Houston to Drugs!

Clive Davis was NOT the Only person who benefits from Whitney's Death.

He has Partners in Crime.

In addition the Los Angeles Police Dept & Coroner are all Corrupt and being paid off by Entertainment Industry Insiders.

Did Whitney take her own life? NO!

Did Whitney die from an Accidental Overdose? NO!

I can't prove it but did Whitney have some help leaving this Earth? YES!

Did Whitney know her Killer? YES!
It was someone she REALLY Trusted!

Did Michael Jackson take his own life? NO!

Did Michael Jackson die from an Accidental Overdose? NO!

Did Michael Jackson have some help leaving this Earth? YES!

Was Michael Jackson's estate worth Billions after his Death? YES!

Michael OWN the Publishing Rights to his Music.

Was Conrad Murray the Only person involved? NO!

Conrad Murray was just a Tool & the Fall Guy because he was Greedy.

Did Don Cornelius take his OWN life? NO!

Did Don Cornelius have help leaving this Earth? YES!

Was Don Cornelius' estate worth more after his Death? YES!
Don Cornelius OWNED All Rights To Soul Train.

Will the Los Angeles County Police dept & Coroner REALLY do anything to Investigate Whitney's Death or Don Cornelius' Death?


They have been paid off.

Welcome to the Corrupt, Dangerous, Mafia Entertainment & Music Industry!

Dear Heavenly Father,
I Plead the Blood of Jesus Over Cissy Houston's Life, Bobbi Kristina's Life, Bobby Brown's Life & My Life in Jesus Name.

Killing Whitney Elizabeth Houston was a Major Mistake!
Whitney is with Jesus but...

The Devil's Control on the Entertainment/ Music Industry has been Completely Exposed!
What Satan meant for Evil, God will use to Expose his Evil.

And choosing to proceed with that Pre-grammy Party in the SAME hotel Whitney died in, while her body lay upstairs wrapped in Sheets, REALLY exposed what's Going On!

The Devil & Greed over Money often makes People do Stupid Things!

Prior to Whitney's Death everyone including myself, always speculated whenever we heard about Entertainers & Singers Dying like Flies!

The Los Angeles Coroner, LAPD & Mainstream Media would always report their Deaths as Prescription Drug-Related or as Suicides.

However these Latest Deaths, especially Whitney's, has exposed what is REALLY going on!

Whitney Houston,
Don Cornelius,
Etta James (reported as from other "Complications" & as "Health Related")
Michael Jackson,
Amy Winehouse,
Brittany Murphy,
Heath Ledger,

Those responsible or those involved in these deaths became Greedy and let their guards down.

Now EVERYONE knows what's going on even if we can't prove it.

People are NOT Stupid!

Killing Whitney Elizabeth Houston was a Major Mistake!

Whitney is with Jesus but...
The Devil's Control on the Entertainment/ Music Industry has been Completely Exposed!
Dear Heavenly Father I Plead the Blood of Jesus Over Cissy Houston's Life, Bobbi Kristina's Life, Bobby Brown's Life & My Life in Jesus Name.
Galatians 6:7 - "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

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