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Monday, February 6, 2012

Congressional Black Caucus Launches "Voter Suppression" Tour For Re-election NOT BLACK Upward Mobility!

Congressional BLACK Caucus Members Will Launch A "Anti- Voter Suppression Tour" In March.

Of Course!

Its Only Because They Want To Be Re-elected.

Any Other Time They Can't Be Found Unless....

You Are A Member Of Their Fraternity Or Sorority.

CBC Members Push For Re-election Just To Warm Seats On Capitol Hill (Personal Gain) & Help Keep Most BLACK People As A Permanent American Under Class.

That Is Unless You Fit Into Their Personal Inner Circles.

More Poor BLACK People = More Social Safety Net Programs = More BLACK Social Worker Jobs For Friends Of BLACK Congress Members.


More BLACK Entrepreneurs & More BLACK Tech Start-Up Owners Which = More JOBS For BLACK & Latinos = Self-Sufficiency = Fewer BLACK People Living Off The Federal Government.

I Will Support Pres. Obama's Re-election, However I Haven't Yet Decided The Political Fate Of Most BLACK Congressional Democrats.

Do They Actually Deserve My Valuable BLACK Vote?

For What????

Excuse Me If I Sound Somewhat Cynical About The Congressional BLACK Caucus.

I Promise To Cheer Up When The Number Of BLACK Entrepreneurs & BLACK Tech Start-Up Owners, Surpasses The Number Of BLACK People On Unemployment, Welfare, Food Stamps & Those Working For Someone Else Rather Than Work For Themselves.


Sources: CBC, Youtube

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