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Monday, January 30, 2012

LaWana Mayfield: Charlotte's 1st Openly GAY, Elected Politician & 80,000 Constituents!

I recently had a Long Conversation with Newly Elected Charlotte City Council Member LaWana Mayfield (D).

After speaking with her on Issues involving District 3 & improving the Quality of Life for ALL Charlotte Constituents, I now know that Voting for her was the RIGHT thing to do.

Ms. Mayfield is very Passionate about helping People & she's Passionate about Politics.

She is an Fierce Supporter of Pres. Obama & Equal Human Rights which includes Gay Rights.

Prior to being elected as Charlotte-Mecklenburg's FIRST Openly Gay Politician, Ms. Mayfield worked as a Community Activist & Community Organizer.

Although Ms. Mayfield is Charlotte-Mecklenburg's FIRST Openly Gay Politician, she doesn't use her Sexual Orientation as a Personal Soapbox.

Instead her Soap Box Issues are Issues that involve the People of Charlotte & Equal Human Rights for the People of Charlotte, which includes Gay Rights.

As a BLACK Political Blogger, I am using my Social Media Activism to Educate the BLACK Community about Gay Rights which are included in Human Rights.

Pres. Obama's Administration has to push Gay Rights Equality in order to help bring about REAL Equal Human Rights for EVERYONE!
Including the BLACK Community.

This is because in America the Civil Rights Movement has been extremely SLOW to bring Real Change for BLACKS & Latinos.

Thus Equal Human Rights for EVERYONE, MUST include BLACKS, Latinos & the Gay Community!

Ms. Mayfield now serves in former Charlotte City Member Warren Turner's District 3, which houses a Population of 80,000 Constituents, Most of them BLACK & Latinos!

That's 80,000 Possible Votes For President Obama In November!!!!

I have often Blogged about Mr. Turner's Very Slack, Distant Relationship with his BLACK Constituents.

While in Office Mr. Turner ONLY seemed to Focus on his WHITE Constituency & Invested ONLY in those Areas.

While his BLACK Constituency in Southwest Charlotte suffered.
For Ex: NO Economic Development Growth, Corrupt HOAs & Poor Public Transportation for Constituents who ride City Buses to Work & to visit their Physicians.

Mr. Turner who served 8 Years, was practically run out of Office by a Mob after being Publicly Humiliated following a Sexual Harassment Scandal.

I Pray his Family recovers from that Scandal but I'm happy he NO longer represents District 3!

Perhaps now Southwest Charlotte's 80,000 Constituents can Finally get some much needed LOVE!

I extend a Warm Welcome to Ms. Mayfield.

I believe she is important to the 2012 DNC & to the Charlotte Community.

I did NOT Vote for Anthony Foxx during his first bid as Charlotte's Mayor because at the time he appeared to represent Status Quo/ Elite Politics.

Especially as it relates to helping Charlotte's Homeless Population.

And because it appeared as if Mayor Foxx didn't give a darn about Charlotte's Homeless citizens, I spoke out Loudly against his Complacency on this issue on my Blog.

However over time I begin to notice a Change in his Governing style.

Mayor Foxx's Administration began to Focus on Helping Reduce Charlotte's Homeless Population by providing Resources for them so they can become Self-Sufficient.

So last November 2011, this time I DID Vote for Anthony Foxx!

Our BLACK & White Politicians Should Earn the BLACK Vote! Especially BLACK Politicians!

Versus Expecting to just receive the BLACK Vote with providing NOTHING for BLACK Voters in return.

I believe LaWana Mayfield's Previous Community Activism EARNED My Vote.

I am Blessed to have her as my Charlotte City Council Member.

I Pray for Ms. Mayfield's Continued Success!



Charlotte elects first openly Gay Council Member

LaWana Mayfield's election to the Charlotte City Council this fall was unusual in that she knocked off a long-serving incumbent.

It was historic in that she became the city's first openly Gay Council Member.

When she was preparing to run, Mayfield, a community organizer, said she and her friends wondered how her sexual orientation would play with voters.

What would people think? Would it dominate the campaign?

Not so much, as it turned out.

"We focused so much energy on being prepared to discuss my relationship, we were shocked it didn't come up," said Mayfield, 41. "I didn't have one person ask about my sexuality. I stood at doors and said 'Here is my platform. Do you have any questions?' "

Mayfield defeated Warren Turner in the Democratic primary in September. She then easily defeated Republican Ed Toney in the general election in November.

Mayfield doesn't discuss her sexuality unless asked. Her answer: She wants to represent everyone in her district.

She said she is mostly focused on two issues for her District 3, which includes low-income areas in west Charlotte: improving access to food for residents by attracting more grocery stores or better access to existing ones, and cracking down on absentee landlords.

Mayfield's election has also put focus on whether the city should offer benefits to same-sex partners, an issue that has been simmering for several years.

Mayfield said the issue should be studied, but she deferred on taking a lead role to council member Patsy Kinsey, a fellow Democrat.

Kinsey said she has been working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender groups for a year and believes she is close to getting the six votes needed to make the change.

"I want to do this the right way," Kinsey said.

Mayfield is a native of Opa-Locka, Fla., a Miami suburb. Both her parents died when she was in high school, and Mayfield said it took her a few years to decide what she wanted to do.

In her mid-twenties, she began volunteering, which was her entry into the world of Community Organizing.

She moved to Charlotte 12 years ago. She worked for the Red Cross and did disaster-relief work after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Iowa floods in 2008.

She has worked for the Immigrant Solidarity Committee and the Charlotte Community Justice Coalition.

After being sworn in Dec. 5, Mayfield, who lives in the Historic Camp Greene neighborhood, said she has been studying to get up to speed on city issues.

A week after taking office, she was one of nine council members to vote in favor of a controversial incentive package to bring Chiquita Brands International's headquarters to Charlotte.

"I did my research - the city provided the who, what, when, where and why," Mayfield said. "At the end of the day I will look at the facts. If I honestly believe it will be beneficial to Charlotte then I will support it."

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