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Monday, January 30, 2012

Erskine Bowles Or Anthony Foxx For NC Governor Or I'll Endorse Pat McCrory!

Since former North Carolina Senatorial Candidate Cal Cunningham (D) has chosen NOT to enter the 2012 NC Gubernatorial race, I've decided the ONLY 2 NC Democrats that I will Endorse or Support are Erskine Bowles Or Anthony Foxx.

That's It!

Theoretically speaking Anthony Foxx Should continue to serve as Charlotte Mayor, then seek Congressional Office, but if he jumps in the race this year I will Support Him.

Anthony Foxx Successfully won Charlotte's Bid for the 2012 DNC Convention despite Naysayers like myself who did NOT think Charlotte was Developed enough to host such a large event.

This Makes Charlotte the FIRST Southeastern City to Host a DNC Convention in the 21st Century.


While Erskine Bowles has proved himself to be a 21st Century Leader in Public Education & he helped to draft the Simpson-Bowles Deficit/ Economic Growth Plan under Pres. Obama's Administration.

Yes, I will Support either Erskine Bowles or Anthony Foxx.

Foxx would be North Carolina's FIRST BLACK Man to campaign for NC Governor since Harvey Gantt's bid for U.S. Senate.

Harvey Gantt was robbed of his Opportunity to serve in Congress due to Jesse Helm's RACIST, Southern Strategy.

However I Will NOT!

I repeat: I Will NOT Support any Other NC Democratic Challenger!

Not Walter Dalton!

Not Bill Faison!

No Other NC Democratic Challenger!

I don't care about other BLACK Voters living in North Carolina who may or may NOT Agree with Me, including NC's BLACK Leaders.

I Refuse to lend my Valuable BLACK Vote to NC Leaders who have done NOTHING to help Improve the Overall Quality of Life for North Carolina's BLACK Citizens.

This includes Walter Dalton & Bill Faison.

For Decades North Carolina's BLACK Students have been Denied an Equal Quality Education, even under Bev Perdue's Leadership.

Pres. Obama gave Bev Perdue $8 Billion in Stimulus Funding To Help Improve the Quality of Life for ALL North Carolina Citizens and what did she do with it?

Spent it on the Wealthy & the WHITE!

That Is NOT Right!

More & More BLACK Men are Imprisoned Annually in North Carolina's Prisons, even under Bev Perdue's Leadership.

While its True Gov. Perdue DID sign the N.C. Racial Justice Act into Law in 2009, when it was Repealed in 2011 she took her time Vetoing the Repeal.

In fact Advocates in Opposition of the Repeal had to BEG her to Veto the Repeal.


When more than 90% of all North Carolina's Death Row Inmates are BLACK, why did anyone have to BEG Her?

Didn't Gov. Bev Perdue benefit from North Carolina's BLACK Vote in 2008?

I rest my case.

Let's NOT also forget that Fewer BLACK-Own Businesses have launched in North Carolina under Bev Perdue's Leadership.

And I have NOT forgotten how former NC Revenue Chief Ken Lay (a Fellow New Yorker) was Mistreated either!

Ken Lay was used to collect Millions in Tax Revenue than thrown under the bus like Trash!

So Why in the World would I care to cast my Ballot for Rednecks who want to keep Me Oppressed or who view me as an Inferior Human Being????

NO WAY Baby!

I'm From Brooklyn, New York.

NOT North Carolina!

The Overall Quality Of Life for BLACK Citizens in North Carolina has NOT Improved in Decades, even under Bev Perdue's Leadership.

If I'm Wrong then please Prove Me Wrong by showing me the Data or Information where the Overall Quality of Life for BLACK Citizens living in North Carolina has greatly Improved during the last 10 Years.

Show Me.

Show Me Examples Of REAL, Truthful Data NOT Some FAKE Statistics.

I'll Wait.

Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks of Me, I Know MY God-given Worth.

I Am NOT Inferior To Anyone!

Jesus Is MY Lord!

NOT Mankind!

I Respect People But I ONLY Worship God.

So for Me its Erskine Bowles or Anthony Foxx for North Carolina Governor Or.....

I will lend my Support to Pat McCrory.

Why Pat??

Because he is a Moderate Republican, He's NOT Racist & he allowed many BLACK-Owned Businesses to Emerge while serving as Mayor Of Charlotte.

Pat McCrory also loves Education & he's a Risk Taker. i.e., Charlotte's Light Rail System.

Now If Pat McCrory turns & behaves like a Tea Party GOP Redneck Or a Dirty, Partisan Southern Democrat, then of course I won't Support him either.

I'll just save my Valuable BLACK Vote to Support Pres. Obama in November.

And for the record Pres. Barack Obama WILL Be Re-elected This Fall!

Maybe Bev Perdue thought that by exiting the NC Governor's race so late in the campaign season she would Hurt Pres. Obama's chances of Re-election this Fall.

Au Contraire Mon Cheri'

Why have I come to that Conclusion about Governor Bev Perdue?

Almost Immediately AFTER Gov. Bev Perdue was elected Governor in 2008, she began to show signs of dissing her BLACK Constituency even though were it not for NC's BLACK Voters she would NEVER have been elected as NC Governor.

Oh sure,

She gave two BLACK Men high Profile jobs in her Administration but what were those Jobs?

North Carolina's Dept of Corrections (Prisons)


Collecting Taxes!

Why didn't Gov. Perdue Appoint A BLACK Man or Woman as Head Of North Carolina's Economic Development?

or a BLACK Man or Woman to HELP clean up & correct North Carolina's Racist Criminal Justice System?

Or a BLACK Man or Woman to help even the playing field in North Carolina's Racist Educational System?

(2 Federal Lawsuits have been filed against North Carolina's Public Schools For Student Discrimination: Charlotte & Wake Co.)

So you see Bev Perdue's Departure from the 2012 NC Governor's Race is going to HELP Pres. Obama's General Re-election by leaps & bounds.


So for Me its Erskine Bowles Or Anthony Foxx for North Carolina's Democrat Gubernatorial choices Or.....

Its Pat McCrory!!!


How would you rate Bev Perdue's term as N.C. Governor?

Excellent: 5%
Good: 12%
Fair: 17%
Poor: 67%
Total Votes: 2,042
SOURCE: Charlotte Observer

Erskine Bowles for North Carolina Governor

President Obama's invitation to Bush family members to the White House makes him seem an Everyman, all things to all people, and Caroline Kennedy's open letter to vote for Obama a second time because her name is Kennedy both mark the turning of the times, and suggest that Obama, like the Kennedys and the Bushes, is no longer a rising part of the times.

We have left the age of two-family politics, honoring Northeastern gentry who bask in Kennebunkport or Hyannis, and have entered instead into a full-bore Jacksonian heartland awakening. Tea Party has taken the mantle these past two years.

But Jacksonian populism, channeled today by Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Ron and Rand Paul, all started in Virginia with Mudcat Saunders.

This new Jacksonian wave brings a most auspicious beginning. It awakens a new generation of politics; the first new wave in the new century. It could bring Elizabeth Warren, Tom Brady loyalist and Massachusetts's own Okie grandmother, to the White House in the future, and Erskine Bowles to the governor's chair in North Carolina in 2012.

Public Policy Polling says that Democrats will have a better chance at winning the North Carolina governor's race now than they did yesterday no matter whom their candidate is this fall. But one potential candidate really rises to the top: Erskine Bowles.

Bowles, with an assist from Dave Mudcat Saunders and Steve Jarding, authors of Foxes in the Henhouse: How the Republicans Stole the South and the Heartland and What the Democrats Must Do to Run 'em Out, could now find a path.

Jarding and Saunders helped Mark Warner win the governorship in Virginia, sponsoring NASCAR stock cars and bringing in The Stanley Brothers. This was not the anti-South, self-hating liberalism that has sapped the spirit of Virginia. Warner’s liberalism demanded fiscal responsibility and economic health and progress.

It was liberal politics which sought the center, not that which rushed to the edges; one that families, hillbillies and hunters could feel comfortable with.

Warrior-scholar Jim Webb, supported by Gen. Wesley Clark, followed, to remind Virginians that before Ronald Reagan, they were Democrats. The same spirit shortly rose in North Carolina with Sen. Kay Hagan. They go to church, watch the Super Bowl, serve in the armed forces and honor those who do.

Bowles would be a prodigy of Warner’s creative model of governance in this rising era. Simpson-Bowles was a heroic effort and Bowles and Simpson were heroes just for one day. Warner was a strong supporter.

Bowles could well run now in opposition to a weakling Congress, a failed Supercommittee and an ineffective presidency.

Bowles and his folksy sidekick, Alan Simpson, former senator from Wyoming, brought an old-school voice of country authenticity to a time of discontent and confusion, not unlike the voices of Sam Ervin and Howard Baker during the Watergate proceedings.

It gave sudden clarity to the issues and gave the possibility of a safe recovery and an auspicious future, if only we had the courage and common sense of these two. He could build bi-partisan support on this in North Carolina.

The Raleigh News and Observer reports that Bowles and Simpson want to keep the pressure on Congress as they tour the country giving speeches about their deficit plan.

"I think the future of this country is very, very bright if we face up to our problems," Bowles said at one event.

"If not," Simpson interjected, "we'll be a great country, but we won't be No. 1."

Mayor Foxx mum on Gubernatorial Decision

Mayor Anthony Foxx did not answers questions Sunday about whether he has made a decision on running for the Governor's Office.

Foxx spoke at a public event for the opening of Moore Place, a housing complex for the chronically homeless.

The Mayor has been mentioned as a possible gubernatorial candidate. He told reporters last week that he wanted to time to discuss the matter with family and friends.

The primary is May 8th. Lt. Governor Walter Dalton and State Representative Bill Faison have already said they will run.

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is expected to make his candidacy official Tuesday. No other Republicans have entered the race.

McCrory Starts on Gubernatorial Campaign Trail

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is starting a week-long campaign launch across North Carolina. McCrory is running as a Republican candidate for governor, officially making the announcement in Greensboro on Tuesday.

He ran unsuccessfully for the office in 2008.

Before he hit the campaign trail Monday, he sat down and spoke with NewsChannel 36. McCrory plans to focus on the economy and jobs during the race.

"We've got a broken government, and a broken economy," said McCrory.

The lone Republican running for governor so far, McCrory quickly dismissed the current crop of potential Democrats vying for the governor's mansion, saying they have ties to past administrations.

"Every person that is considering running for governor is attached to that Easley-Perdue record of failed leadership, and failed economy, and frankly a culture of corruption," he added.

After pushing for a few tax increases several times as mayor, including an increase of a half-cent on sales tax and a hotel tax, McCrory said now is the wrong time to consider such an action.

"Now would be the worst time to raise taxes.

You don't raise taxes during the recession."

The Republican says the current effort of Gov. Bev Perdue to pass a three-quarters of a cent sales tax for schools is irresponsible.

"You don't pour more money into a failed education program," McCrory added.
Instead, he pushes reform.

And on other issues, he supports the Voter I.D. legislation and says a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage belongs on the May ballot, but refused to say much else on the issue.

"I think people need to vote.

Why not let the people vote? And let's move on."

McCrory, who lost Charlotte in the 2008 gubernatorial race, says his campaign won't be Charlotte-centric. He's announcing his candidacy in Greensboro.

Unlike before, this campaign his headquarters will be in Raleigh, not Charlotte.

And he says it's supporters in other parts of the state that helped in his decision to run.

"To my surprise, it was the rest of the state that convinced me to run for governor," he said.
The former mayor says he's not beholden to any specific part of the state.

"I'm not going to promise to any one specific region of this state.

Whether it's Charlotte, or Greenville, or Wilmington, I'm going to provide leadership, which will help the Charlotte economy, which will help the regional economy, which will help the state's economy."

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Sources: ABC News, The Hill, WCNC, WRAL, Google Maps

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