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Saturday, January 28, 2012

BLACK Voters In The 21st Century! What Is Our Vote Worth Now?

How Much Is The BLACK Vote Worth In 2012???
I Am A Registered Independent NOT A Registered Democrat! But I’m Supporting Pres. Obama.

As The 2012 DNC Convention In Charlotte, NC Approaches I Feel It Necessary To Pose This Very Important Question To Democrat Leaders:
What Is The BLACK Vote Worth In 2012??
Why Do I Suddenly Feel That While Campaigning For Re-election This Year Pres. Obama Will Slowly Try To Move Towards The Center (Again)??
I Can Almost Feel It Deep Within My Soul That Once Again Pres. Obama Is Listening To His Team In The White House Instead Of "We The People" (Includes BLACK People Too).
His White House Team Is Advising Him To Move Towards The Center To Attract Upper Middle Class WHITE Voters.
Well What About BLACK Voters Being Disenfranchised Due To GOP Voter ID Laws? What About Former Upper Middle Class BLACK Voters Now Unemployed Due To Bush's Deregulated Wall Street Policies?
What About Low Income BLACK Seniors Now Retired With Little To Live On?
What About BLACK Vets Who After Defending Their Country Are Experiencing Difficulty Finding Good Paying Jobs They're Qualified For?
What About BLACK College Students Riddled With Student Loan Debt? What About BLACK College Grads Experiencing Difficulty Finding Work Due To Employment Discrimination?
What about For-Profit Colleges & Vocational Schools Robbing BLACK, Low Income Students Via Student Loans? (Student Loan Mills!)
What About BLACK Youth Locked Up In Prisons In Every State?
What About Police Brutality Such As In Charlotte, NC Where Even With A BLACK Police Chief We Are Still Being Harassed?
What About BLACK Ex-Cons Who Want To Work But No One Will Hire Them?
What About Qualified BLACK Applicants Who Can't Find Employment Due To Unnecessary Background Checks?
What About BLACK Communities Being Hit Hardest By Foreclosures?
What About BLACK Homeless Families & BLACK Homeless Veterans?
What About VA Hospitals Turning BLACK Vets Into Prescription Pill Addicts (South Carolina)??
What About Housing Discrimination Against BLACK Applicants Seeking To Rent In NYC?
What About BLACK Community Leaders (Including Mayors) Receiving Federal Funds But Doing NOTHING To Help Their BLACK Constituents?
What About BLACK Public School Students Being 30 Years Behind WHITE Students? What About BLACK Entrepreneurs Or Would-Be Entrepreneurs Who Can't Get A Break Due To Lack Of Opportunity?
Especially BLACK Entrepreneurs Desiring To Enter Silicon Valley/ Web 2.0?
What About The BLACK Progressives?
What About Us?
We've Been Patiently Waiting For 3 1/2 Years Pres. Obama While Every Other Group Received Something From Your Administration.
What About Us Pres. Obama? I Know You Need EVERY Vote But Please Don't Move Towards The Center & Abandon The American BLACK Community.
What About Us?

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Sources: Charlotte2012, Youtube, Google Maps

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