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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party Strips U.S. Of Its AAA Rating! Boehner Sweats! (Decision 2012)

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So Its Come To This.

The Unthinkable Has Occurred!

In 2011 The American Economy Has Been Downgraded & Stripped Of Its Coveted, Golden AAA Credit Rating By Tea Party Politicians.

How Awful!

And Who Knew The GOP Establishment Would End This Way?

Who Knew The GOP Establishment Would Be Totally Destroyed By Its OWN Inner Party Members?

i.e., FOOLISH, RADICAL, IRRESPONSIBLE Tea Party Politicians!

But Alas Sadly Enough It Has Come To This.

By INTENTIONALLY Forcing Our Economy To Default On Its PREVIOUS DEBTS (George W. Bush's) For The FIRST Time In American History As A Means Of Bringing Down Pres. Obama, Tea Party Politicians Have Also Forced GOP Establishment Politicians To Their Knees.

i.e., Senator Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor & House Whip Kevin McCarthy.

Why Have I Come To This Conclusion?

Allow Me To Explain.

Last November 87+ Tea Party Candidates (GOP Ticket) Led By Michelle Bachmann & Strongly Influenced By Sarah Palin, Were Elected To Congress.

Now Those SAME 87+ Tea Party Congressional Members (Led By Michelle Bachmann & Strongly Influenced By Sarah Palin) Are In Fact Currently Holding Our Economy Hostage.

They Have REFUSED To Increase The Federal Debt Ceiling, Thus Refusing To Save Our Already Fragile, Troubled Economy From A Self-Inflicted Wound.

(FYI: Many Of The Tea Party Congressional Members Are From Southern States Where Racism Has ALWAYS Ruled!)

As I've Mentioned In Previous Posts, Neither John Boehner Nor Eric Cantor Ever Imagined Those 87+ Tea Party Fruitcakes (Led By Michelle Bachmann & Strongly Influenced By Sarah Palin) Would Do What They're Doing Now.

And What Are House Tea Party Congressional Members Doing Now?

Running Both The United States Economy & The GOP Establishment Right Off A Cliff!!


(Reminder: Many Of The Tea Party Congressional Members Are From Southern States Where Racism Has ALWAYS Ruled!)

Is It Possible Pres. Obama Could Stop Tea Party RADICALS From Ruining Our Financial Markets Via The 14th Amendment; Section 4?


Because If He Does Use The 14th Amendment; Section 4 To Avoid Another Debt & Financial Crisis Such As The One Caused By George W. Bush In 2008, Those SAME Crazy Tea Party RADICALS (Led By Michelle Bachmann & Strongly Influenced By Sarah Palin) Would Then Begin Legal Proceedings To Impeach Pres. Barack Obama & GOP House Speaker John Boehner Would Do NOTHING To Stop Them!!

Why Wouldn't Boehner Stop Tea Party Congressional Members From Impeaching Pres. Obama Even Though He Would Have ONLY Used The 14th Amendment; Section 4 To Avert A Financial Crisis?

Because Boehner LOVES Being A Politician More Than He Loves AMERICA & The American People!!


Are Democrats Totally Blameless In This Mess?


Here's Why.

The ONLY Reason Why Republicans Were Able To Win Back The House Was Because Democrats Including Pres. Obama, Failed To Do What They Said They Would Do If Democrats Ruled Both Chambers.


When Drafting The STIMULUS Bill, Pres. Obama Conceded To GOP Members (Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins) By Including MAJOR TAX CUTS In The Bill & By Short Changing Minority-Owned Small Businesses.

Is That What Democrats & Pres. Obama Ran On In 2008?


When Drafting The Affordable Health Care Bill, Pres. Obama Conceded To The GOP & Health Insurance Companies On A Public Option.

Is That What Democrats & Pres. Obama Ran On In 2008?


When Extending Unemployment Benefits Last Fall, Pres. Obama Conceded To The GOP By Extending BUSH TAX CUTS.

Is That What Democrats & Pres. Obama Ran On In 2008?


So You See If Pres. Obama & Fellow Congressional Democrats Had Been RADICAL Enough To Help Look Out For The American Middle Class, Ending G.W. Bush's Tax Cuts, Reforming The U.S. Tax Code, Creating Jobs, Creating An W.P.A. Infrastructure Jobs Programs, Repealing No Child Left Behind Because It Stinks, Protecting Medicare & Medicaid, Protecting Labor Unions, Collective Bargaining Rights & Workers' Rights, Stopping Employment Discrimination (Age & Race), Helping To Prevent Big Banks From Foreclosing On Millions Of Homeowners, etc.,


There Is Absolutely NO Way Tea Party Candidates Could Have Flooded The U.S. House Of Representatives Last Fall & Knocked Nancy Pelosi From Her Throne Last November.

Instead All For The Sake Of "Bi-Partsianship" Pres. Obama Placated GOP Congressional Members & Conceded To Whatever They Asked For.

I Too Became Super Angry With Pres. Obama & Democrats Last Fall.

I Too Became Impatient.

At This Point I Have Forgiven Pres. Obama & The Democratic Party.

However After Pres. Obama Is Re-elected In 2012 & Democrats Are Back In Power, Things Must CHANGE For Real NOT Just In Words Only!!

The American People Are Tired Of Broken Promises.

We Want Real CHANGE!

NOT Politics As Usual!

In Other Words Its Time For Pres. Obama & Democrats To STOP Catering To The GOP & Become RADICAL Enough To Protect Middle Class Voters, Senior Citizen Voters, Minority Voters (Including Hispanics), College Students, Homeowners, Over-Taxed Tax Payers & Children From Low Income Homes!

Versus Just Looking Out For Wall Street & People From Higher Income Brackets.

I Repeat: The American People Are Tired Of Broken Promises.

We Want Real CHANGE!

Since We Did NOT See Any REAL Change (Only A Little), Thus Pres. Obama & Democrats Share Some Blame In Tea Party Candidates Now Holding The U.S. Economy Hostage.

So Where Does America Stand Now?

Here Are A Few Suggestions:

1) Every Citizen Of This Nation Needs To PRAY! Pray Until Something Happens! Something Constructive NOT Destructive!

PRAY For Pres. Obama, Harry Reid & John Boehner.

God's Word Tells Us To PRAY For Our Leaders NOT Bash Them!

1 Timothy 2:1-4:

1) FIRST OF all, then, I admonish and urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all men,

2) For kings and all who are in positions of authority or high responsibility, that outwardly we may pass a quiet and undisturbed life and inwardly a peaceable one in all godliness and reverence and seriousness in every way.

3) For such praying is good and right, and it is pleasing and acceptable to God our Savior,

4) Who wishes all men to be saved and increasingly to perceive and recognize and discern and know precisely and correctly the divine Truth.

2) Please STOP With All Of The Spending Cuts!

Pres. Obama Sir Why Aren't You Pushing For A Clean Debt Ceiling Vote?

Why Didn't You DEMAND A Debt Ceiling Vote?

In A Fragile Economy Spending Cuts Often Cause More Harm Than Good.

Where Were The Cries For "Deficit Reduction" When George W. Bush Created 3 Wars, Medicare Advantage, Established Tax Cuts For Wealthiest Citizens & When He Deregulated Wall Street?

Where Was The Tea Party, Michelle Bachmann & Sarah Palin Then????

Furthermore Those Spending Cuts Are Nothing More Than The Tea Party's Way Of Defunding Pres. Obama's Administration So He Can't Help Create Jobs & Bring Down The Unemployment Rate Before 2012.

Its A Scam & The American People Know It!

I Repeat: STOP With All The Spending Cuts!!!!

3) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Needs To STOP Waiting On Boehner's Bill To NEVER Reach The Senate (Because It Won't!) & Proceed With Getting Votes For HIS Bill Instead.

After All Senator Reid's Plan Is Much Less Destructive To The American Economy Than Boehner's.

4) Pres. Obama Needs To STOP Placating To GOP Congressional Who ONLY Want To See Him Destroyed & His Presidency Erased.

He Needs To Get Out & Began Spreading More HOPE To The American People.

Even Though He Wasn't RADICAL Enough To Help Protect Middle Class Voters, Senior Citizen Voters, Minority Voters (Including Hispanics), College Students, Homeowners, Over-Taxed Tax Payers & Children From Low Income Homes, During His First 2 1/2 Years In Office, Its NOT Too Late For Him To Keep Connecting With Constituents & Voters NOW.

Pres. Obama Needs To STOP Allowing The GOP To Slow Him Down!

If He Does NOT Get Back On The Trail Then How Will He Regain His Constituents' Confidence?

Do What Pres. Bill Clinton Did By Doing What Needs To Be Done For The American People Versus Sitting Around Debating & Talking!!



5) Pres. Obama Needs To Use Every Tool He Has In His Executive Order Tool Kit To Help Create Jobs, STOP Employment Discrimination (Age & Racial), Stop Voting Rights Violations, Stop Gas Speculation On Wall Street, Overhaul No Child Left Behind & Stop Or Slowdown Foreclosures.

6) Last But NOT Least, Pres. Obama Needs To Allow His 2012 Campaign Staff To Go Full Steam Ahead!

Including Allowing David Axelrod To Begin Speaking Out To Defend His Administration.

i.e, Start Another Constructive Movement (Democrats & Independents) To Outshine, Counteract & Eliminate The GOP's Destructive Tea Party Movement.

While Its True That GOP Tea Party Has Screwed Up Our Economy, I Still Believe Its NOT Too Late To Turn Things Around!



Vote Obama in 2012 & Rehire Pelosi!!!!

G.O.P. Fervor Cuts 2 Ways for Boehner

There is an old Texas saying often applied to politics that you need to “dance with the one that brung you.” But many of the Tea Party-infused freshmen who helped the Republican Party take control of the House last November are here to polka while their leadership is begging them to waltz.

No matter the outcome of the effort by the House speaker, John A. Boehner, to jam his debt ceiling bill through the House over the opposition of a band of freshmen and other conservatives, it is increasingly clear that the same political insurgency that put Republicans into power also has the potential to leave the party so divided that it struggles to govern.

It was a mere eight months ago that Mr. Boehner and his leadership team welcomed the new Republicans — many of whom had never held public office — into the fold of his conference, assuring them that they were the future of the party.

“I think it’s going to reinvigorate our democracy,” Mr. Boehner said then of the Tea Party, “and be a really good thing for the country.”

But the qualities that helped the majority of the 87 freshman Republicans cruise to victory in 2010 — their promises to challenge the orthodoxy of their own party and offer fealty to no one — are in this case an impediment to Mr. Boehner as he tries to negotiate a deal with Democrats to prevent a financial crisis and possible deep damage to an already weak economy. While most have come his way, many were brought kicking and screaming, and enough continue to resist to keep his victory at bay.

Of the roughly 25 Republican House members who on Thursday night refused to budge on the plan, the vast majority are freshmen, joined by some more senior members who have largely aligned themselves with the conservative deficit hawks.

In the broadest terms, the Tea Party freshmen have been victorious in changing the national conversation into an almost singular discussion of debt, and creating a consensus that America must do more to live within its means. They have changed the climate sufficiently that President Obama has moved substantially in their direction, and even stalwart liberals like Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic minority leader, are talking in terms of fiscal austerity.

But it is still not clear whether they will translate their passion into accomplishment — or overreach and undercut their credibility and influence.

“Zealots are great on the campaign trail,” said Julian E. Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, “but a huge problem when it comes to governance. They often don’t believe in the art of a deal even with their allies. If they are not tamed, they can eat their own party alive.”

Mr. Boehner has been steadfast in his belief that by letting the freshmen have their say, he will earn enough good will to help him lurch forward toward ultimate legislation that would be a compromise with Senate Democrats and the White House.

In many ways, that was the rough dynamic of a fight this year over a short-term spending agreement to avert a government shutdown. But the fight over the debt ceiling — one many freshmen have been spoiling for since the day they took office —is different because the stakes are much higher, economically and politically. And while many of the freshmen have pledged to do what they believe is right no matter the consequences for their careers, their decisions are playing out against the backdrop of an incipient Republican primary in which they face the prospect of challenges from the right if they agree to a deal.

“The bitter irony of wave elections is that they can broaden your coalition and sweep you into control of the legislature, but they make your coalition more diverse and harder to control,” said Bruce Cain, a professor of political science at the University of California at Berkeley. “ What is unusual is that normally members added in this way are more centrist than the base, because they have to be in order to win in districts that were formerly held by the other party,” Mr. Cain added. “But this time, the rejection was national and based mainly on bad economic conditions and to some degree on a rejection of Obama’s policies, and the Republicans won with candidates who were from the base and beyond of the Republican party.”

For their part, freshmen are being counterwhipped, as it were, by Tea Party activists. One of their most influential groups, Freedom Works, was sending out posts on Twitter on Thursday night with the names of on-the-fence members, urging them to reject the bill.

On Thursday night, Mr. Boehner, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House whip, and Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the majority leader, tried their best to appeal to the freshmen and other holdouts, appealing to their sense of good will, party loyalty and the bigger fights ahead.

They appeared to be refraining from the old-school tricks of promising earmarks and other goodies that are anathema to the anti-Washington new members. The vast majority of freshmen indeed got on board.

But the holdouts are enough to tank this bill, which is what forced Mr. Boehner to pull it from the floor Thursday night.

The current impasse in Congress has often been compared with 1995, when a Republican revolution in the House led by Speaker Newt Gingrich ultimately brought about a leadership coup attempt and eventually Mr. Gingrich’s resignation. In this case, at least so far, there is great sympathy for Mr. Boehner among even his most intransigent members, who say that it is the system they are fighting against far more than the leadership of the House.

“There is a desire to support him,” said Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, whose entire delegation — four of the five of them freshmen — were, as of late Thursday night, standing in opposition to the bill.

“There is a desire to act before Aug. 2, and a desire to move on to other legislative priorities,” Mr. Gowdy said. But, he added, echoing many of his classmates, without higher cuts up front and perhaps a balanced budget act as part of the legislation, the bill would look like too many compromises of the past.

“There has been a sense that the 75th raising of the debt ceiling would provide a metaphor for the larger conversation about the size and scope of government,” he said.

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