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Monday, July 18, 2011

NAACP = "Niggers, Alligators, Apes, Coons & Possums" (Black Vote Threatened!)

"The NAACP Stands For Niggers, Alligators, Apes, Coons & Possums".
(Circa: 1960's; Former Mississippi Gov. Paul Johnson)

Perhaps I'm Wrong But It Appears As If Today's GOP Leaders (Most NOT All) Are Trying To Take Black America Back To The Days Of Black Men & Women Being Categorized As "Niggers, Alligators, Apes, Coons & Possums" Versus Human Beings Made In God's Image.

Dear God Help Us!

But Remember How Bold Black America Used To Be As It Relates To Staring Down The Ugly Face Of Racism?

Remember When Black Communities Nationwide Triumphed In The Face Of Evil, Ignorant Segregationists Via Unity, Prayer & Education?

Remember When Black America Fought For & Stood Up For Her LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL Rights Even If It Meant Doing So Via Conducting Boycotts Which Financially Crippled White Businesses That Practiced Discrimination?

Whatever Happened To The Bold Black America?

Is She Still Alive?

Does She Need To Be Re-Awakened?

Fortunately Thanks To The GOP's Racist, "Southern Strategy", Job Killing Agenda Turning Off Everyone Even Republican Voters, It Appears Pres. Obama WILL In Fact Be Re-elected Come 2012.

Black Voters Please Don't Sit Home November 6, 2012!

Be Proactive!

In The Event You Don't Have A Legal ID Card, Please Work On Getting One Now!

Then Go Out In Large Numbers & Re-Elect Pres. Barack Obama!!

So Don't Look Back!

Don't Let Anyone Turn You Around!

We Can't Be Defeated Unless We Defeat Ourselves!

Re-Elect Obama For A Better America!

The Future Belongs To ALL Of Us!! (Black, White, Indians, Asians, Hispanics, Bi-Racial, Gay, etc.,)

Mississippi: If You Try & Don't Succeed . . .

Paul Burney Johnson Jr., the lawyer son of a former Governor of Mississippi, made no bones about wanting to follow in Daddy's hallowed footsteps Three times in ten years he ran for Governor and each time he was defeated. But last week it appeared that Johnson, 47, might soon achieve his lifetime ambition.

Elected lieutenant governor in 1959, Johnson used the succeeding four years to build an image as a hard-nosed segregationist second to none. On a rainy morning last September, when weather kept Governor Ross Barnett from flying to the University of Mississippi to prevent Negro James Meredith from enrolling, Johnson basked in a few moments of ugly glory, bumping bellies with U.S. marshals.

"Peace and Tranquility." This summer Johnson's well-worn hat was again in the ring for Governor. Opposing him were Charles Sullivan, 38, Clarksdale attorney and 1960 presidential candidate of Texas' Constitution Party, and ex-Governor James Plemon Coleman, 49, a veteran politician who has won every race he ever entered, from district attorney up. All three are segregationists—Johnson the most vociferous, Coleman the least. Johnson and Sullivan advocated opposing the Kennedy Administration and all its works. Coleman, while decrying the spread of federal power, talked soothingly of bringing "peace and tranquilly." From the start, Coleman was in serious trouble.

Unable to get very far by attacking Coleman's solid record as Governor, Johnson and Sullivan chose to tar him with the Kennedy brush, a lethal weapon in Mississippi these days. Coleman, they cried, had let John Kennedy sleep in Theodore Bilbo's old fourposter in the mansion back in 1957. Worse than that, he had gone on statewide TV in the fall of 1960 to support Kennedy for President. Said Johnson from every stump: "Coleman can't get the Kennedy albatross from around his neck.' Johnson insisted with pride and fervor that he had "stood up for Mississippi" at Ole Miss, so wasn't it about time Mississippi stood up for him? For comic relief, he threw in a surefire laugh-getter: "You know what the N.A.A.C.P. stands for: Niggers, alligators apes, coons and possums."

Second Time Around. Last week Mississippians went to the polls and gave Paul Johnson a 21,000-vote lead over Coleman (176,500 to 155,700), with Sullivan receiving 128,500. Thus Johnson and Coleman will face each other in an Aug. 27 runoff. Once before, eight years ago, Coleman overwhelmed Johnson in another runoff Governor. But this time, with Mississippi feeling the way it does abou Kennedy Administration and segregation, Johnson is definitely favored.

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