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Saturday, July 9, 2011

GOP Rejects Obama's "Bi-Partisan" Debt Ceiling Bid! More Distractions!

How Many American Voters Are Surprised To Hear That GOP Leaders Have Rejected Pres. Obama's Bid For Bi-Partisanship & His Agenda To Help Fix George W. Bush's Deregulated, Job Killing Wall Street Mess?

I'm Not Surprised At All.

But Who Cares If GOP Leaders Don't Like Pres. Obama!

I Mean Who Really Cares?

Since When Did Capitol Hill & The White House Become A Kindergarten Playground?

Does Someone HAVE To Actually Like Another Human Being To Respect Their Position Or To Work With Them?

I'm Sure It Wouldn't Hurt, However It Isn't A Prerequisite.

Pres. Obama Sir We Just Want To See Strong Leadership! NOT A President Begging For Bi-Partisanship!

The American People (VOTERS) Want Results!

Am I Right?

It Would Noble If Both Political Parties In D.C. Would Work Together To Serve Their Constituents But If NOT Then Please Don't Allow GOP Leaders To Distract You From Effective Leadership.

And While We're On The Subject, Please STOP Listening To Bill Daley's Compromising Advice!

Too Much Compromise Makes You Appear Weak Before Your Elected Counterparts & Peers.

Pres. Obama You Are An Intelligent Man.

Roll Up Your Sleeves & Start Utilizing All Of The Legal Tools In Your Presidential & Constitutional Tool Kits!

If GOP Leaders Refuse To Cooperate & Work With You, STOP Kissing Up To Them & Unite With Fellow Democrats And Independent Voters For Positive, Tangible Results!

Stand Up To GOP Leaders Versus Bowing Down Or Begging Them!

You've Wasted 2 1/2 Years Begging GOP Leaders To Work With You.

Where Did It Get You?

Voters Like Myself Lost Confidence In Your Administration & Democrats Lost The House In 2010.

Are You A Leader Or A Slave?

You Still Have Time To Redeem Yourself But ONLY If....

You Focus On Doing What America's Voters Elected You To Do:

Get This Debt Ceiling Deal Signed, Sealed & Delivered!

Help Inspire The American Business Community To Create Jobs,

Help Repair The Busted, Subprime Loan Housing Market,

Reform America's Public School System By Revising Or Repealing No Child Left Behind,

Help Veterans More. Why Are So Many Retired Veterans Who Reside On U.S. Military Bases Being Overcharged For Rent? They've Served Their Country Honorably But Are Now Being Overcharged To Live In Raggedy Housing? i.e., Ask Balfour Beatty Why.

Save Medicare & Medicaid But Reform Both. Stop The Fraud & Waste!

Preserve Pell Grants For College Students From Middle Class & Low Income Families,

Stop Sending Funding Corrupt For-Profit Colleges,

Reform The Federal Student Loan Program. Much More Can Be Done To Help Students,

Help Create More Clean Energy & Green Jobs. i.e., Bill Clinton Retrofitting Idea,

Reassess The Way Social Security Is Calculated For Extremely Wealthy Citizens,

Reform The Tax Code So That Billionaires & Millionaires Who Send Jobs Overseas Will Pay Their Fair Share,

Eliminate The Unpaid For Medicare Advantage Programs,

End Subsidies For Oil Companies,

Encourage Congress To Pass The Infrastructure Rebuilding Bill Currently Sitting In Congress Which Will Create Millions Of Jobs,

Help Nancy Pelosi Take Back The House In 2012!

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Has Been Loyal & You Do Owe Her.

I Repeat: Focus On Doing What America's Voters Elected You To Do!

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Sources: CNN, Youtube, Google Maps

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