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Friday, July 15, 2011

GOP Plans Cap & Cut Vote; Stalls Infrastructure Jobs Bank Vote

Folks Isn't It Amazing How House GOP Leaders Are Focusing ALL Of Their Energy & Wasting Taxpayers' Money By Passing Stupid Bills Such As: Cut, Cap & Balance, Light Bulb Act Repeal, Defunding The EPA, etc., While Completely Ignoring Our Nation's High Unemployment Rate?

Excuse Me But Didn't Boehner, Cantor & Tea Party Candidates Run On JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Back In November 2010??

However Instead Of Passing Useful Legislation To Help The American Electorate Recover Financially, Ex: Pres. Obama's Infrastructure Jobs Bank Bill Of Which Is Currently Sitting In Congress, Boehner & His Sidekick Cantor Are Filibustering It For The Sole Purpose Of Slowing Down Economic Growth On Pres. Obama's Watch.

Passage Of The Infrastructure Jobs Bank Bill Would Immediately Put More Than 2 Million Construction Workers Back On The Job.

What A Shame GOP Leaders Seem To Care More About Protecting Billionaires & Millionaires Than They Do Mainstreet!

How MEAN & SELFISH Can GOP Leaders Be??

Don't They Care Anything At All About The American Electorate??

So Boehner, Cantor & Those Radical, Extremely Selfish Tea Party Congress Members Were Sent To Capitol Hill To Slow Down The American Economy Just To Get Rid Of Pres. Obama Versus Passing Legislation To Help Create JOBS???


I Say Its Time To Send Boehner, Cantor & Those Radical, Extremely Selfish Tea Party Congress Members Home For Good!!

They Need To Be Replaced With Democrats & Independent Congress Members Who Actually CARE About The Well Being Of Their Constituents!!


House Republicans Plan Vote on Deficit

With budget negotiations with the White House stalled, Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio said Friday that the House would vote next week on a three-part plan to cut the deficit, cap federal spending as a share of the economy and amend the Constitution to require a balanced budget.

The plan, which has a companion in the Senate, would represent the House position in the final stages of the debate as the federal government nears the limit of its borrowing power. While it would not appear to have a chance of passing the Democrat-controlled Senate, and President Obama is opposed, it could provide a legislative avenue to increasing the debt limit as it makes it way through Congress.

The House Republican leader, Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, said the House would move on its own because the president’s deficit-reduction proposals fell far short of what was needed.

In the budget blueprint passed by the House this year, Mr. Cantor said, “We sought $6.2 trillion in cuts over 10 years.’’ By contrast, he said, in debt negotiations at the White House this week, “the president and Democrats have offered perhaps $1.5 trillion of savings.’’

Mr. Cantor pushed back against Democratic complaints that the Republicans had not offered any concessions, but he said the Republicans would not permit federal spending to continue on its current trajectory.

“We are not going to allow this kind of spending to continue,’’ Mr. Cantor said. “We don’t have the money.’’

Mr. Boehner left the door open to the compromise plan floated by the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who has described his proposal as a last-ditch option. It would call for Congress to vote on whether or not to disapprove a debt limit increase, an approach that could avoid a government default by allowing Republicans to register their disapproval of the increase but still allowing it to pass.

“We are far from the time for a last-ditch effort,’’ Mr. Boehner said, signaling that Congress still had many days and perhaps weeks of work to do on the debt.

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