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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama's 2nd Term 2013 Cabinet Picks: He Will Win Again!

Its Time For Pres. Obama To Begin Thinking About Choices For His New Cabinet In 2013.

Except This Time I Really Hope His 2nd Term Cabinet Will Be More Diverse.

This Includes Cabinet & Executive Office Picks Who Will Be Able To Reach Out To The LGBT Community.

Just Because I'm A Born Again Christian Doesn't Mean I Don't Love Gay People Because I Do.

Yes I Do Believe Pres. Barack Obama Is Slated To Win A 2nd Term.


Because Obama's Administration Has Done More In 2 1/2 Years To Help Fix The HUGE Economic Mess His Predecessor George W. Bush Left Behind Then Most U.S. Presidents Did In 8 Years. Including Capturing & Ordering The Death Of Osama Bin Laden!

So What If Obama Wasn't Perfect!

Please Show Me One, Just One U.S. President Who Was Perfect! Just One!

And NO! It Wasn't Ronald Reagan!

In Fact Last Time I Checked ONLY God Is Perfect NOT Human Beings!

And While Its True I Don't Agree With ALL Of Pres. Obama's Political Decisions, Considering The GOP's CRAZY, Unfair, Unequal, Obviously Racist Agenda I Would Rather Take My Chances By Keeping Barack Obama In The White House For Another 4 Years.

Yes Barack Obama Is Going To Win A 2nd Term!


All During 2010 GOP Leaders & Candidates Campaigned On Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Yet After The November 2010 Elections, It Became Quite Clear Their TRUE Agenda Consisted Of ONLY Getting Rid Of Our Nation's First BLACK President & Nothing Else!


How Do American Voters Know This To Be True?

4 Reasons:

1) NONE Of The Current GOP 2012 Presidential Hopefuls Are Prepared Or Qualified To Beat Incumbent Pres. Obama.

What Have Those GOP Presidential Candidates Talked About? NOT Jobs! Not Tax Reform! Just Getting Rid Of Barack Obama! Nothing Else!

i.e., Congressman & 2012 GOP Presidential Hopeful: Michelle Bachmann.

2) In Today's 21st Century Society, NO American Politician Can Win U.S. Presidential Elections Solely Based On Racist, Unfair, Unequal Platforms. i.e., Tax Cuts For The Rich & Agendas Which ONLY Help America's Wealthiest Citizens Versus Helping ALL Americans.

3) Since Last November's Elections, NOT One Elected GOP Leader Has Introduced Any JOBS Bills. NOT One!

Instead GOP Leaders Have Introduced Bills Which Kill Jobs Or Filibustered ALL Of Pres. Obama's Attempts To Jump Start More American Jobs Creation Programs.

4) It Also Appears As If GOP Leaders On Capitol Hill Are Pushing To Default The Debt Ceiling Versus Keeping It From Defaulting.

American Voters Are NOT Stupid!

We Know What Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor & Michelle Bachmann Are Intentionally Trying To Do To Our Economy! Crash It!!


Just To Get Rid Of Pres. Obama.

How Sad!

That Said YES I Do Believe Pres. Obama Not Only Deserves A 2nd Term But Will Actually Be Re-elected In 2012 Despite Republican Filibusters & Opposition.


(An Incomplete List)

U.S. Attorney General: Eric Holder (EXCELLENT CHOICE!)

U.S. Treasury Secretary: Tim Geithner (I Don't Really Like Him But Over Time He Has Proven To Be Extremely Qualified As Treasury Secretary & He Knows Wall Street Well.)

U.S. Secretary Of State: Senator John Kerry (EXCELLENT CHOICE!)

U.S. Secretary Of Education: Dr. Michelle Rhee

U.S. Secretary Of Transportation: Ray LaHood (EXCELLENT CHOICE!)

U.S. Secretary Of Labor: Jennifer Granholm (EXCELLENT CHOICE!)

White House Communications Director: David Axelrod

White House Social Secretary: Julianna Smoot

U.S. Secretary Of HUD: Congresswoman Barbara Lee

U.S. Surgeon General: Howard Dean Or Tom Coburn (EXCELLENT CHOICES!)

U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary: Kathleen Sebellius (EXCELLENT CHOICE!)

U.S. Secretary Of Veterans Affairs: General Colin Powell (EXCELLENT CHOICE!)

U.S. Secretary Of Agriculture:

U.S. Secretary Of Interior: Ken Salazar

FCC Chairman: Julius Genachowski

E.P.A. Administrator: Lisa Jackson


(Incomplete List)

Senior Advisor Of Women's Affairs: Hillary Clinton

Senior Advisor Of LGBT Community Affairs: Rachel Maddow

Senior Advisor Of Deficit Reduction: Congressman Paul Ryan

Senior Advisor Of Tax Code Reform: Robert Reich

Senior Advisor Of American Jobs Council Affairs: Jeff Immelt & Deval Patrick (If The State Of Mass. Will Allow Mr. Patrick To Also Sit On This Advisory Board While Still Serving As Governor.)

Senior Advisor Of Medicare/ Medicaid Reform: Howard Dean (EXCELLENT CHOICE!) (To Focus On Saving These Programs By Combining Both Agencies To Eliminate Waste & Fraud).

Senior Advisor Of Voting Rights Affairs: James Clyburn

Senior Advisor Of Early Childhood Education Affairs:

Senior Advisor Of Technology & Internet Affairs: Omar Waslow & Mark Zuckerberg

Senior Advisor Of For-Profit Colleges Affairs:

Senior Advisor Of Religious Affairs: Pastor Rick Warren

Senior Advisor Of U.S. Prison Affairs: Mayor Cory Booker (Due To His Current Excellent Record Of Helping Ex-Offenders Successfully Re-enter Society).

Senior Advisor Of U.S. Government Contractor Affairs:

Senior Advisor Of U.S. Organized Labor Unions Affairs: Richard Trumpka

Senior Advisor Of Senior Citizen Community Affairs:

Senior Advisor Of Alternative Energy Affairs:

Senior Advisor Of Homeless Prevention Affairs: Douglas Lasdon or Mitchell A. Lowenthal

Senior Advisor Of Urban Community Renewal Affairs (Urban Enterprise): Russell Simmons

Senior Advisor Of Hispanic Community Affairs: Rosario Dawson & Juan SepĂșlveda

Senior Advisor Of Muslim Community Affairs: Nihad Awad

Senior Advisor Of Native American Community Affairs:

Obama's a Lock in 2012

Sure, things look grim for the Dems this fall. But the base will rally, the economy will turn up, and the GOP will shoot itself in the foot—ensuring the president a second term.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made headlines this week by declaring that “Obama will get a second term in office,” especially if Republicans win the House. You’ve got to hand it to the grand Teuton. Even when he says something blindingly obvious, he makes news.

Of course Barack Obama is likely to be reelected. For starters, American presidents usually get reelected. In the last 75 years, incumbents have lost a grand total of three times: in 1976, 1980, and 1992. And what did Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush all have in common? They had serious primary challenges within their own party (from Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy, and Pat Buchanan, respectively). The last president who lost reelection without a major primary challenge was Herbert Hoover in 1932.

A president who isn’t challenged in his own party can usually count on a decent turnout from his party’s base. (If party activists aren’t alienated enough to throw up a primary challenger in the spring, you can usually drag them to the polls in the fall.) A president without a primary challenger also has the space to move to the center to neutralize political weaknesses: That’s what Reagan did in 1984, when he toned down the Cold War rhetoric that was frightening moderates; it’s what Bill Clinton did when he signed welfare reform in 1996; and it’s what George W. Bush did when he signed a prescription-drug bill in 2004.

There’s only one Democratic pol who could keep Obama up at night, and she’s safely tucked away at the State Department.

I doubt Obama will move as sharply to the center over the next two years as did Clinton, but he can do so to neutralize key weaknesses if he wants, because there is zero prospect that he’ll be seriously challenged in the primaries. No challenger would have any chance of stealing the black vote, of course, and even among white lefties, for all their grumbling, Obama has no national rival. In 1996, Clinton was petrified about a primary challenge from Jesse Jackson. But there’s only one Democratic pol who could keep Obama up at night, and she’s safely tucked away at the State Department.

The second reason Obama will likely win reelection is, oddly, the economy. Historically, when voters evaluate a president for reelection, they judge the economy not against some abstract standard but against the economy he inherited. That’s why Franklin Roosevelt could win 48 states in 1936 with the U.S. still mired in depression, and Ronald Reagan could win 49 in 1984, even though unemployment on Election Day was still 7.5 percent. Obama doesn’t need the economy to be booming in 2012 to win reelection, he just needs voters to feel that it is better than it was when he took office and heading in the right direction. If that’s the case, and most economists seem to think it will be, Republicans won’t get very far by harping on the deficit. In 1984, you may remember, a presidential candidate told voters to ignore the nation’s nascent economic recovery and focus instead of the country’s swelling debt. His name was Walter Mondale.

• The Daily Beast’s Election Oracle Forecaster Finally, Obama’s third big advantage is his opposition: the GOP. The party has had great success in mobilizing older white conservatives, who weren’t particularly fond of Obama in the first place, and in a midterm like this one, in which younger and minority voters don’t turn out, their rage will loom large. But this very short-term success is preventing the GOP from grappling with its deeper problems attracting the Hispanic and “Millennial” generation voters who tilted heavily to the Democrats in 2008 and will comprise an even larger share of the electorate in 2012. As Schwarzenegger suggests, a GOP victory this fall will likely exacerbate the problem. With the Tea Party shaping the congressional GOP, the party’s immigration views will further alienate Hispanics.

The Tea Partiers will also put pressure on the party to attack popular government spending, as the Gingrich Republicans did after 1994. It’s worth remembering how Bill Clinton clobbered Bob Dole in 1996: He tied him to Gingrich’s assault on spending on education and health care. Obama could do something similar in 2012, proving that while Americans hate government in theory, in practice they demand it, especially in bad economic times.

It’s hard to recognize it now, with the economy in the tank and Democrats running for cover, but take a step back and you can see that we’re still probably in the early stages of an era of Democratic dominance. It’s going to be a while before another Republican wins the White House, and when they do, I bet they have less in common with Sarah Palin than with Arnold himself.

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Sources: Daily Beast, Huliq, MSNBC, The Young Turks, Youtube, Google Maps

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