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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama Set To Make Political History Again In 2012! Re-election Time!

After Much Careful Consideration & Observing What Gov. Scott Walker Has Done To Eliminate The Collective Bargaining Rights Of Organized Labor Union Members In Wisconsin, I Have Decided To Support Pres. Barack Obama Again.

While I Don't Agree With All Of Pres. Obama's Policies & Decisions, I Refuse To Sit Idly As Some Politicians Attempt To Punish Blacks, Hispanics & Union Members Via Political Retaliation & Racism.

Like Millions Of Other Voters (White, Black & Hispanics) I Too Thought That The GOP REALLY Wanted To Fix What Ails This Nation & Help Bring Back Jobs From Overseas.

Thus The Sweeping Victory For Republicans In November 2010.

Instead Many GOP Leaders & Candidates Appear To ONLY Be Concerned With Cutting "Certain" Federally-Funded Discretionary & Entitlement Programs(Pell Grants, Social Security, Disability, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps & Mortgage Assistance) Which Mainly Benefit Low Or Middle Income Black & Hispanic Citizens, Busting Unions, Eliminating Collective Bargaining Rights & Working Diligently To Ensure That NO Other BLACK Man Is NEVER Elected President Of The United States Again!

Now Does My Decision To Support Barack Obama In 2012 Mean That I Will Only Vote For Democrats?

NO! I Vote Based On Issues NOT Race Or Political Party.

I've NEVER Cast Ballots For Straight Party Tickets & I Never Will!

I Will Continue To Support BOTH Democrat & GOP Political Candidates.

For Example Pat McCrory For North Carolina Governor.

Why Will I Be Casting My Ballot For McCrory Versus Current Democratic N.C. Governor Bev Perdue?

Because It Appears As If Bev Perdue Is Extremely RACIST In Her Views.

Since Her Election She Has Done Absolutely NOTHING To Very Little For North Carolina's BLACK Citizens Event Though They Put Her In The Governor's Seat.

This Won't Change If She Remains In Office Another 4 Years.

But Alas What Did One Expect? After All She Is From West Virginia One Of The Most Racist States In America!

While On The Other Hand As Former Charlotte Mayor For 14 Years Pat McCrory Demonstrated His Support To Help Strengthen Charlotte's Black Community. Especially As It Relates To The Growth Of Black-Owned Small Businesses In This Region.

I Encourage Every Registered Voter To Do Your Research, Pray & VOTE IN 2012!

Obama set to launch bid for second term in White House

President Barack Obama is about to make one of Washington's worst kept secrets official: He wants a second term.

The president could file for re-election with the Federal Election Commission as early as Monday, NBC News has learned from multiple sources. That filing would allow him to begin raising money for the 2012 presidential campaign.

He also will announce his candidacy to supporters by email and text messages, according to the Associated Press.

That widely anticipated but formal step of registering with the FEC will free Obama to start raising money for the re-election effort, which, like his 2008 campaign, will be run from Chicago.

That fundraising already has begun. Obama netted $1.5 million at a Democratic fundraiser in New York's Harlem this past week. He's also scheduled to travel in the week ahead to headline events in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Obama raised an eye-catching $750 million in 2008.

The president isn't expected to face a primary challenge.

Though a cast of Republican governors, former governors and others are laying the groundwork for a presidential bid, none has entered the race.

Money, message and manpower

As the Obama campaign operation ramps up behind the scenes in terms of money, message and manpower, Obama plans to stay focused on his day job. Aside from the obvious fundraising that will be required of him, Obama intends to stay out of the fray until Republicans settle on a candidate next spring.

Obama's hopes for a second term received a boost Friday after the government said the March unemployment rate had dipped to its lowest level in two years, to 8.8 percent, and that the economy added 216,000 jobs last month.

Polls consistently show the economy is voters' top concern and Republicans plan to make an issue of Obama's handling of the recovery.

Obama said Friday's numbers mean the "economy is showing signs of real strength" as it continues to recover from the recession that wiped out 7.5 million jobs.

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Sources: MSNBC, Youtube, Google Maps

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