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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GOP Is Screwed In 2012! Eleven Important Questions!!

Here Are 11 Extremely Important Questions For GOP Lawmakers As It Relates To The 2012 Elections:

1) Where Are ALL Those Jobs Your Party Promised To Bring Back To America From Overseas After Winning Last November's Elections??

2) Why Do You Want To Kill Medicare, Thus Killing Off Elderly Americans & Hurting Many Senior Citizens?

3) Why Are You Opposed To Raising Taxes On Millionaires & Billionaires When Those SAME Millionaires & Billionaires Are Sending American Jobs Overseas While Benefiting From Huge Tax Breaks??

4) Why Do You STILL Want To Give Huge Tax Subsidies To Oil Companies?

5) Why Are You Engaging In Gas Price Gouging For Political Gain??

6) Why Are You Engaging In Such Ugly Racist, Divisive Behavior Prior To The 2012 Elections?

7) Why Do You Want To Kill Pell Grants Thus Hindering The Education Of Millions Of Black & Hispanic College Students??

8) Who Is The GOP's 2012 Presidential Race Frontrunner??

9) Did You Fire Michael Steele Because He Was Black? Why Does The GOP Appear To Hate Black People & Other People Of Color?? What Have We Done Wrong To Your Party??

10) Why Is Your Party Intentionally Choosing NOT To Raise The Debt Ceiling When You Did It So Nicely (Without Drama) When Pres. George W. Bush Was Still In Office??

11) Why Does The GOP Hate Labor Unions & Workers' Rights?? Is It Because The GOP Is For Paying American Workers Lower Wages And Providing Them With Little To No Benefits??

Inquiring Minds Would Like To Know.

As President Obama Said Today "We've Got Better Stuff To Do."

You're Screwed Dudes!!

VOTE OBAMA IN 2012!!!!!!

Sources: CNN

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