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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Voters Are Stupid!! Expect Too Little From Obama!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Malcolm X Are Probably Turning Over In Their Graves Right About Now. Why?

Because America's BLACK Voters Are Stupid!!

Which Groups Of Voters Expect Much From Their Political Candidates & Leaders? White Men & Women (ALL Ages), Hispanics, Asians, Gays. Which Group Expects The Least From Their Political Candidates & Leaders? Slave-Minded BLACK VOTERS (ALL Ages)! Perhaps This Explains Why Even Our Nation's 1st BLACK Prez. Thinks Its Ok To Forget Black Folks After His Election. Oy Vey!

"Forget You!" This Is What Pres. Barack Obama Is Now Saying To America's Black Voters. Why? Because Black Voters Are STUPID!! The Majority Of Us Have Low Expectations When It Comes To Our Politicians & Leaders. Sadly Enough Most Black Voters Will Continue To Support Their Leaders Regardless Of How Poorly They're Treated. It Must Be That Slave Mentality Thing. Pitiful!!

When Barack H. Obama Was Elected Prez In 2008 I Don't Believe Black Voters Expected Him To Focus Solely On America's Black Community Or To "Fix" The Black Community. However Since He Labels Himself As A Black Man, We Did Expect Him To Demonstrate More Fairness Towards Our Plight. Other Ethnic Groups Expect More From Their Politicians. Why Not Black Voters? Only Stupid Voters Don't Expect A Return On Their Investment!

"Excuses Are The Tools That Incompetent People Use To Build Monuments Of Nothing!"
Please STOP Making Excuses For Prez. Obama Or Any Other Slack Black Leader! The Right For Black Folk To Vote In This Country Did NOT Come Easy. It Was Earned Via Blood, Sweat & Tears! No Other Ethnic Group Had To Fight Like We Did. So Why Shouldn't We Expect More From Our Leaders? Other Voters Do!

Here's The PDF Link To Prez. Obama's Official 2012 Budget.

How Will His 2012 Budget Hurt Black Voters?

CUTS: Pell Grants For Summer College Classes, LIHEAP (Help For Heating Bills), Small Biz Programs. REQUESTS: $$$ For Public Schools & To Build More Prisons.

Never Thought I Live To See The Day When A Black Leader Would Support Building More Prisons.

Aren't There Enough Black Men Already In Prison??

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Sources: CBM Group, Youtube, Google Maps

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