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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anthony Foxx & Jennifer Roberts Team Up For "Secret" Tax Hike Scheme ("Revenue Neutral")

Anthony Foxx: No City Tax Hike Could Give Mecklenburg County Flexibility

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx said he supports the city's next budget having a property tax rate that keeps revenue the same, which he said could give Mecklenburg County more flexibility to fund schools, parks and social services.

The city and the county are both starting budget preparations for the upcoming year at a time of flux. The poor economy has battered local government revenue, and Mecklenburg County is currently reassessing property values, which it hasn't done since 2003.

Foxx said at a press conference Friday morning that a revenue-neutral city budget could give Mecklenburg County more options when it sets its tax rate, perhaps by going higher than revenue neutral to raise more money.

"If we can bring the tax rate down, maybe it can create some capacity at the county level to capture some of the reval without it feeling as tough for residents," Foxx said.

City residents have two different tax bills - one for the city and another for the county. Foxx, who wants to merge city and county government, said keeping overall city taxes the same would shield residents from a double-tax hike if the county chose to generate more revenue.

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Sources: McClatchy Newspapers, WCNC, Google Maps

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