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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Velma Hart Fired After 2010 Elections: "I'm Exhausted!", Obama's Revenge??

Velma Hart: "Exhausted" Obama Supporter Loses Her Job After 2010 Elections

The political supporter who told President Obama that she was “exhausted” of defending him, becoming a voice for disappointed Americans this fall, has now become another casualty of the weak economy.

Velma Hart said she learned late last week that she had been laid off as chief financial officer of AmVets, a nonprofit veterans service organization based outside of Washington. Even when she addressed Mr. Obama in a CNBC town-hall-style meeting on the economy on Sept. 20, Ms. Hart said, she knew that the recent recession had put her job in danger through its dampening effect on donations, memberships and sponsorships at AmVets.

A spokesman for AmVets confirmed that Ms. Hart’s layoff was “an economic decision that had nothing to do with her job performance.” A White House spokeswoman had no comment.

“What’s in my heart is now, even more than I did before, I appreciate what millions of people who are in my condition now have been experiencing for the last two, three, four years,” Ms. Hart said at her home in Upper Marlboro, Md. “I don’t take lightly the fact that I know friends who’ve been looking for jobs for two years.”

“Could it take me two years to find a job?” Ms. Hart said. “Wow, that’s a scary proposition for me and my family.”

Ms. Hart said she continued to support Mr. Obama. And this Thanksgiving week, the wife and mother of two teenage girls is trying to remain upbeat.

“I want to focus on the positive and be optimistic,” she concluded. “And assume that somehow things will work out, that there’s an opportunity out there with Velma’s name on it that’s right around the corner.”

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