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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jim Demint: "Voters Are Waking Up!" Wins Re-Election!

Jim Demint Wins Another U.S. Senate Term

The South Carolina senate race was announced early on voting day:

DeMint, who easily won his own re-election Tuesday, has been critical of the GOP establishment and donated to tea party candidates across the country. He said the conservatives' first priority would be an effort to ban special spending requests known as earmarks.

The governor's race was also called for the Republican candidate:

South Carolina elected its first woman governor Tuesday, opting for a tea party-backed Repubican lawmaker to succeed scandal-stained Gov. Mark Sanford.

Nikki Haley will become the nation's second Indian-American governor when she replaces Sanford, whose term-limited tenure ends in January. Louisiana's Bobby Jindal also is Indian-American.

Several South Carolina House races were also in the balance, with Joe Wilson beating Rob Miller in the 2nd District and Mick Mulvaney defeating John Spratt in the 5th District.

Post Politics previewed the South Carolina 2010 Election:

Most of the electoral fireworks in South Carolina exploded during primary season, when two tea-party-backed GOP candidates, Nikki Haley for governor and Tim Scott for the 1st District seat, upset establishment candidates. Both are strongly favored to win -- Haley against Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen and Scott against Democrat Ben Frasier. Their victories could help change the GOP's image. Haley is Indian American, and Scott is African American.

GOP Sen. Jim DeMint, who has gained national prominence as an anointer of tea party candidates, is expected to easily defeat his surprise opponent, Alvin Greene, who won the Democratic nomination without campaigning and despite his odd behavior and lack of experience.

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Sources: CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, Google Maps

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