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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlotte's Homeless Children Crisis Worsens; Anthony Foxx Lied!

Number Of Homeless Children In Charlotte Up From Last Year

The number of Homeless kids living in Charlotte has risen dramatically in just one year.

A Child's Place, a non-profit group, now estimate there are 4,453 Homeless children enrolled in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. That is up from about 3,200 last year.

The group's executive director, Annabelle Suddreth, says that number does not even take into account kids under 5-years –old.

"We estimate there are probably 1,600 more kids, which means over 6,000 kids who are homeless in our community," Suddreth said.

A Child's Place has put together some 300 bags of food for homeless families this Thanksgiving.

A young mother of three kids, who we will not identify, stopped by to pick up one of those bags. She says the holidays are always tough.

"It makes you think about better times, when things were more stable."

Being homeless and being a child takes a toll says Suddreth.

"They are four times more likely to be sick. They are twice as likely to be hungry. They are falling two to three grade levels behind in school," she explains.

Suddreth says coping with the growing number of homeless children should be everyone's issue.

"Homeless children in our community is not just the government's challenge and it is not just the school system's challenge. It's a community challenge,” Suddreth explains.

The group can't help everyone, but that young mother of three is grateful for the help her family is getting.

"Having A Child's Place helps me, gives me hope that things will be back to normal," she says.

Anthony Foxx, Charlotte Observer Lied About Helping Homeless

Last year while campaigning to become Charlotte's new Mayor, Anthony Foxx promised he and his new City Council (majority Democrats) would focus on eliminating Charlotte's Homeless population by providing Affordable Housing, etc.,

His cheerleader on this issue was the Charlotte Observer newspaper (community nickname: "Charlotte Disturber"), which constantly harped on and on about how former Mayor Pat McCrory didn't do enough to help Charlotte's Homeless citizens.


Now that Anthony Foxx is officially Charlotte's new Mayor HE doesn't seem to be doing anything to help Charlotte's Homeless Families and Children either.

In fact the City of Charlotte is currently sitting on about $3M Stimulus Funding allocated for Homelessness Prevention.

Here our nation is facing one of the COLDEST Winters in History and Mayor Anthony Foxx is doing NOTHING to help keep Charlotte's Homeless Citizens, including Children warm.

This is a shame and a disgrace before God!

Mayor Foxx, Charlotte City Council Members, how do you all sleep at night knowing there are thousands of Men, Women and Children braving the elements while you sleep under warm blankets in heated residences?

Are you saving that $3M to give to Unemployed Bankers for No Interest, Small Business Loans instead of using it to help provide more Winter Shelters?

Actually those Loans would be more like Monopoly money for Business Experiments and Tax Credits versus real Small Businesses to spur regional Job Growth.

Now do you understand why I didn't vote for Anthony Foxx?

Yes I am a Democrat but I smelled manure before the horse was even in sight.

In other words I don't vote along Party lines just because the candidate is Black.

North Carolina already has its fill of Partisan, Do Nothing Politicians and I chose not to continue that pattern of ignorance.

Now that he's in sitting in the Mayor's seat, Anthony Foxx appears ONLY to have run to satisfy personal ambitions and fatten his pockets.

Not for Charlotteans, just himself. How Selfish!

I want America to know that when it comes to helping Less Fortunate, Homeless Citizens, Charlotte Leaders HAVE NO HEART!

As I mentioned in earlier posts don't just listen to Mayor Foxx's words, watch his actions.

Actions always speak louder than words.

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Sources: WCNC, Youtube, Google Maps

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