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Friday, October 22, 2010

Zahra Baker: North Carolina Police Search Landfill For Body

Investigators In Zahra Baker Case Continue Sifting Through Trash

North Carolina Investigators have examined mattresses found at a Caldwell County landfill during their search for clues into the disappearance of Zahra Baker.

Hickory police confirmed the information Friday, but investigators would not say if the mattresses were the key piece of evidence that they've been searching for at the landfill this week.

Dozens of investigators returned to the Foothills Environmental Landfill in Lenoir Friday to continue combing through trash.

The landfill is 40 acres, but investigators are focusing on an area that is 100 feet by 200 feet. It contains about 5500 tons of trash.

"Obviously, you know, you've got these dozers moving things around so it's difficult to pinpoint it exactly. But we've got the rest of this area to finish, as to where it could have been put. We'll just keep working until we've exhausted all the possibilities," said Major Clyde Deal with the Hickory Police Department.

Crews began searching there Wednesday, looking for a piece of evidence that's critical to establishing a timeline for Zahra's disappearance. The girl was last seen in public Sept. 25.

Investigators aren't saying what they're looking for, but they do say that it is not Zahra's body.

Finding something in a huge landfill isn't easy. Searchers say it could take five days to comb through an area where they're looking.

"You got everything in there that you could imagine and then some things in there that you couldn’t imagine," said neighbor Butch Bollinger, who has been to the landfill several times.

"It's a bad place, smelly place. You can't stand to go through it," neighbor David Crisp said.

"I wouldn't want to try to do it. It would be a difficult job," said Brent Miller, who manages the recycling site next to the landfill.

Neighbors are hopeful the search will pay off. They also wonder if finding one thing that could have been thrown away weeks ago is simply too much.

"I don't think they would. I really don't think so because it's too big," Crisp said.

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