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Friday, October 8, 2010

Unemployment For Blacks Still Extremely High: 25% Blame Black Leaders!

Black Caucus Members Need Only To Look As Far As The Mirror For Someone To Blame

The talking point for many pundits is the so-called enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans.

They point to history as a possible reason why the party in charge will lose seats in Congress and they say that if Republicans take control of either houses, the Obama agenda will more than likely be dead and all that he has not yet have accomplished will not be given a chance.

These same pundits were also the very same ones who said that Obama was doing too much when he took on Healthcare, Financial Reform and other tough causes in his first year. If this is true then the other promises made on the campaign trail are as good as dead if those who are too busy to get involved stay home this midterm election season.

Enthusiasm gap or not, the extremely high unemployment rate should be a call to arms for all hands in order to give this president's policies a chance to work as well as to provide those who believe an chance to see the other things that we voted for to be accomplished.

President Obama is extending his hand are we going to answer him with a closed fist? "President Barack Obama is hoping that Black voters don't stand on the sidelines when Democrats need all the election help they can get this year."

"With polls showing his party facing a wide "enthusiasm gap" with the GOP, Obama sought to rally an important constituency in a speech at the annual awards banquet of the Congressional Black Caucus on Saturday night."

"For Obama, the caucus dinner at the Washington Convention Center capped a week of concerted outreach to minority supporters, a traditional wellspring of Democratic strength."

"Black Caucus Members have been staunch backers of the first African-American president." "But they've also voiced concern that he hasn't done enough to help struggling Black families." "They point to persistent high inner-city unemployment and a new census report showing a jump in poverty on Obama's watch."

"The poverty rate was 14.3 percent, with the ranks of working-age poor at the highest since the 1960s." "For blacks, the rate was 25.8 percent and for Hispanics it was 25.3 percent."

Regardless of how anyone wishes to slice it, the unemployment rate among Blacks and Hispanics were quite high before this president was sworn in. It is agreed that it has climbed since that day but to expect him to walk in and wave his magic wand, would be quite unrealistic.

What he has done is put into action plans that he believe would change this fact and what we have to do is everything in our power to make sure that he has the tools to succeed.

What seems strange to me is that the Congressional Black caucus has been around all this time and have had ample opportunity to bring that number down but instead of doing that seems to be happy to wait and look to one man to save them.

The caucus should stand up and take responsibility for not doing the best job that they could have done. The question is what have they done about this unemployment rate lately? We need all to work together and get this rate down.

We are all in this boat together and each must do their part to help us make it safely to shore. The president has his role, voters have ours and congress has theirs.

Democrats have a chance to be the party in charge when this country is restored to its rightful place on the world's stage but the decision is up to us and after all is said and done the only real question will be did we have the heart to answer the call?

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