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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kelly Cutrone Doesn't "Cry Outside" Over Fashion World Success

Kelly Cutrone’s Self-Help Book Encourages Young Women To "Celebrate The Magic" Inside Themselves

"It didn’t take much convincing" to get Kelly Cutrone to write a book, according to WWD.

The sometime talking head only has reality shows on both Bravo ("Kell on Earth" premieres February 1) and MTV, and a team of top agents behind her.

Cutrone polled her People's Revolution staff to find out what kind of book they'd want to read by her.

The girls said they wanted advice on making it and dealing with sexism.

So Cutrone set out, along with co-author Meredith Bryan, to write a book about what it means to be feminine. Apparently being feminine does not boil down to wearing all black and barking from across the office at annoying new hires from L.A. who wear inappropriate leggings to work, and only brushing your hair when you feel like it.

"If You Have to Cry, Go Outside ... And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You", Cutrone tells her disciples to "gather up your courage like an armful of free clothes at a McQueen sample sale" and "celebrate the magic inside of yourself."

But Cutrone is not one of those self-help gurus who sells you a ThighMaster and then runs off for liposuction. A practitioner of her preachings, she's currently celebrating the magic inside herself:

“P.r. is what I know how to do to make money and it’s what I’m really good at,” she said. “I think it’s a natural thing to say, ‘Oh, OK. Well, now Kelly Cutrone has to leave p.r., but that would be an old model and I’m not really interested in old models ... Do I want to stick around when I’m making a fortune writing books and producing television, taking s—t from a designer who pays $6,000 a month who doesn’t want to pay their bills for three months? No.

Does being on TV and writing books give me the freedom to kick their asses out of my office before they f—k me over? Yeah. That’s the reality.”

Although if she left PR, Bravo and MTV wouldn't have shows to make of her. And Whitney Port, without her mentor, would wind up living on the sidewalk in a fort fashioned from a stolen clothing rack and all the tight dresses she designed that Bergdorf refused to buy because they made models look fat, begging passersby for celery sticks and sequins.

Also, where would Kelly get her best stories? Like that time she was fired by Yigal Azrouël for seating Ashley Dupré in the front row of his fall 2009 fashion show?

“[The night I was fired,] I called another one of my clients, Jeremy Scott, and told him to please make me a T-shirt that said, ‘What Would Madonna Do?’” Cutrone said, reading from a manuscript.

“‘Oh please, I don’t need to make you a T-shirt,’ Jeremy replied. ‘Madonna would have grabbed that girl by her ponytail, made out with her and said, ‘Why are you talking about my girlfriend like that?’ And suddenly I realized that I hadn’t maximized my moment.”

Oh, so being feminine is all about making a scene. So if you see a chick wearing a Snuggie to Fashion Week next month, she's not crazy. She's just celebrating the womanly magic inside herself.

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