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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anti-Obama Protester Throws Book During Philly Rally

Book Thrown At President Obama During Philadelphia Rally

It may be the City of "Brotherly Love", but Philadelphians sure have a strange way of showing it.

President Obama nearly got "Booked" during a rally in Philadelphia on Sunday, after someone in the crowd threw a paperback his way.

Photographers captured the tome in midair as it flew past the President while he smiled at the audience. He didn't appear to see the book, which sailed behind him.

It is unclear what the book was, who threw it, or how close it actually got to the commander in chief.

The incident echoes former President George W. Bush, who narrowly dodged a shoe that was thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist.

Muntathar al-Zaidi pitched his footwear at the then-President during his last visit to Iraq in December 2008.

Other political figures, including Karl Rove and Democratic Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), have had pies thrown at them by Protestors.

The Philadelphia rally was also highlighted by a streaker who stripped down to his birthday suit and was arrested by police. Juan Rodriguez, 24, was attempting to collect on a $1 million prize offered by British billionaire Alki David.

President Obama, joined by Vice President Joe Biden, was in Pennsylvania to rally Democrats ahead of November's midterm elections. He spoke about the difficulty facing Americans, and chided the Republicans for using those difficulties for political gain.

"Of course people are frustrated," Obama said. "Of course people are impatient with the pace of change... [but] the other side has decided to ride that frustration and anger without providing any solutions."

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Sources: AP, CBS News, NY Daily News, Youtube, Google Maps

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