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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green Jobs For All! Green Living & Urban America!

"Green For All"! (Van Jones' Organization) Urban Farming, Producing Green Jobs, Green Living & Clean Living Opportunities has finally come To Urban America! Its time for the American Black Community to Get a piece of this "Green" Pie! (i.e., MONEY) President Obama & Van Jones have already Opened the doors. We just Need to Walk through them!

Van Jones introduced Black People to the "Clean Way, Green Way" Business Concept. He also discusses how Black Entrepreneurs can Produce Green Jobs and teaches on the Benefits of Urban Farming & Eco-Equity to the American Black Community.

What about Hosting or Launching a "Green The Block" Party in your Community in order to Educate and Introduce Green Living/ Green Jobs Business Opportunities to Black People (including Black Business Owners) in your region?

Just a thought.


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Sources: Green For All, Youtube, Google Maps

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