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Saturday, July 17, 2010

NC NAACP President Rev. Barber Opposes School Board Ban

What's this??

The N.C. NAACP President (Rev. William Barber) decides to speak out on Public School Re-Segregation and his right to Freedom of Speech!

Oh yes I remember now. Rev. Barber was recently arrested for protesting. He was alone in his efforts because fellow NAACP members were afraid to support him.

Earlier this year during a Wake County (N.C.) School board on Diversity the Chairman called Black parents attending this meeting "Animals & Coons".

Did the national NAACP leaders speak up? No! The N.C. NAACP President sought help from National NAACP leaders but received little assistance, actually he received NO help!

Do you think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have sat quietly if such a thing had occurred on his watch? I think not!

N.C. NAACP President Responds To Wake Co. School Board Meeting Ban

The President of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP spoke out after he and three others were arrested during a Wake County School Board meeting last month.

Rev. William Barber and the others were charged with trespassing for disrupting the June 15 meeting. Following the arrests, officials sent a letter warning them to stay off school property or face legal action.

In response, Barber issued a statement Friday which said, "let them send us a thousand letters. What they need to do is send a letter of apology for wrecking the nationally acclaimed diversity policy and slowing the struggle to improve excellent educational opportunities for poor and minority children."

School officials said they can attend meetings if they provide written notice ahead of time and ask for permission

Meanwhile, Barber plans to hold a news conference before Tuesday's Wake County School Board meeting to make several demands from the board of education.

They include stopping segregation and promoting diversity, providing equity in funding, hiring and retaining high quality teachers, creating smaller class sizes, focusing on math, science, history and reading, promoting parent and community involvement and eliminating inequities in suspensions, graduation rates and performance.

The news conference is scheduled for Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the State Capitol building.

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