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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kendra James Chooses Matt Cosmos But No Longer Together (Videos)

On the last episode of Oxygen's "Love Games" Kendra chose Matt Cosmos but according to one of her recent tweets they are no longer together. I'm not surprised.

Miss Kendra James from Charlotte, NC seems to be such an Intelligent, Pretty young lady.

However I wonder if she isn't just a tad tired of the constant dating.

First on "Bad Girls" and then on "Love Games".

I know its for Entertainment and Money but its not a good look.

Kendra honey are you truly searching for someone special or just making the money while your still young?

Am I being Judgmental? No.

Am I hating on the girl? No.

Just simply expressing my opinion of which no one has to agree with.

Check out the last episode of "Love Games" below.

Here is Kendra James' most recent tweet about her former relationship with Matt Cosmos.

(about 7 hours ago 05 04 2010) No.. Not still with Matt... Still friends tho.. Me and @jreddishim tried it out for awhile still.. Just friends... Live & learn xoxxo

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