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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kagan & Sotomayor Are The New "Black" SCOTUS Justices

Yesterday when Pres. Obama nominated Elena Kagan for his next SCOTUS pick many Leaders within America's Black community were extremely riled.

They were angry and questioning why he chose a Hispanic and White woman versus an African-American woman?

Here's my take on why he took this path.

You don't have to agree but hopefully it will cause you to ponder.

I'm not really too enthusiastic about Obama's choice in Kagan especially considering her hiring record at Harvard Law school.

(For more info. check out this link from Duke Law Professor Guy-Uriel Charles (a Brother) over at "Colored Demos" Blog entitled: Why Elena Kagan's Hiring at Harvard matters".)


I must say I'm glad Pres. Obama did NOT select another African-American.


Please tell me what the H_ll has Justice Clarence Thomas done for his race?

I mean really!

While I will admit Justice Thurgood Marshall was extremely effective during his tenure on the bench, this could be more attributed to a different time in American History.

A time when Black Leaders were ALIVE and ACTIVE.

A time when Black Leaders REALLY cared about helping to pull up their Brothers & Sisters, (education, jobs, etc.,) because there is STRENGTH in numbers.


In today's society....

When most pseudo Black "Leaders" rise up they totally forget about the Black Voters who put them where they arrived.

Afterwards they don't do a D_mn thing to help eliminate Racism in Education, Employment, Housing, Student Aid, Business Opportunities UNLESS.....

You run in their little circles (Fraternities, Sororities, etc.,).

Am I jealous or bitter?

No but I'm deeply concerned because I see our Youth struggling with NO one to help them find their way.

(Rev. Al Sharpton can't do it all by himself.)

Case in point I cannot tell you the number of Black College graduates (in North Carolina) I've come across who couldn't find jobs, much less a good job.

I'm speaking of graduates with high GPA's.

They had to either settle for low paying jobs in North Carolina Call Centers or relocate to a different state.

This is still going on today.

What are North Carolina's Black "Leaders" doing about it?


Because they are SCARED and ONLY care about themselves or friends.

Thus I don't care if another Black Attorney (no offense) or Judge is EVER nominated to sit in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Hearing.

Its better for a White, Hispanic or Asian Judge to rule effectively on my behalf, than a Black SCARED-A_ S Justice sitting on the bench for symbolic purposes.

America's Black Community needs to wake up!

In case they haven't noticed the struggle is far from over.

The day of appointing, electing and nominating Blacks for representative, symbolic purposes are over!

We don't need any more TOKEN Black Leaders!

We need REAL Black Leaders who are actually going to DO SOMETHING once they arrive.

Black Leaders who are NOT afraid of being labeled "Radical", although Radical isn't really a negative thing.

In fact Radical isn't equivalent to Militant but it most certainly isn't equivalent to LAME SITTING DUCK either.


Whether African-Americans are willing to accept it or not...

Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor represent the new "Black" U.S. Supreme Justice.

I hope Ms. Kagan is confirmed quickly and without unnecessary delay.

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