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Thursday, May 20, 2010

American Black Agenda Is M.I.A., 6 Keys For Effective Recovery

"If your afraid say your afraid, than go somewhere, sit down and let someone else take over".
Spoken by the Rev. Al Sharpton at a Civil Rights Rally in Charlotte, NC December 2007.

Black Leaders To Obama: "We Have A Right To Expect Something!"

Has anyone seen America's missing Black Agenda?

I've searched high and low and still it remains hidden.

President Barack Obama and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx have both decried a Black Agenda by firmly insisting no such agenda is needed for the American Black Community.

Were they correct or are they intentionally ignoring what ails Minority citizens (mainly African-Americans) in today's society?

Hmmmm Let's see:

a) Southern Lawmakers are Re-Segregating Public Schools faster than you can say "Jim Crow".

This includes in Charlotte, NC.

How can it become a reality for Minority Public School students to compete with White students if they are attending Low Performing, Racially Segregated schools with inexperienced and non-caring Teachers?

b) Businesses are still illegally using the Credit History of otherwise Qualified Minority Applicants as an NOT to hire them, even when the jobs their applying for are non-related to Banking & Finance.

Is this being done to White Job Applicants?


c) Black Entreprenuers are still experiencing great difficulty securing SBA and Private Loans for Start-ups, even when they have great Business Plans and sufficient Collateral.

d) Private Colleges are still charging Minority (especially Black) College Students higher Tuition Rates than White Students as a means of discouraging those students from attending their Learning Institutions.

e) Minority citizens are still losing their homes to Foreclosure at a much faster rate than White homeowners because Banks are more willing to Re-Finance or approve Loan Modifications for White homeowners regardless of if they are employed or not.

f) The three major Credit Reporting Agencies: Equifax, Experian and Transunion are still INTENTIONALLY reporting False or Inaccurate information about Minority citizens when businesses conduct or request Inquiries.

g) The same Credit Reporting agencies are also selling outdated unpaid accounts in many cases more than 10 years old, to Debt Collectors.

Those Debt Collectors than create New Account numbers for those outdated unpaid accounts and put those same debts right back onto the accounts of Minority Citizens.

This keeps the Credit Scores of Minority Citizens extremely low.

For White citizens who have outdated unpaid accounts on their Credit Profiles Equifax, Experian and Transunion automatically & immediately deletes those accounts from their Credit Profiles after 7 years like clock work regardless if they are paid in full or not.

h) Many Minority citizens seeking to rent Apartments or Rental Houses are often told they must pass very rigorous background checks in order to have their applications approved.

i) Minority citizens are still also receiving Inadequate and Substandard Health Care even when they have Private Insurance.

j) The gap between and Black and White Wealth continues to widen.

k) Black men are still filling America's Prisons at an alarmingly high rate.

Ironically as the High School & College graduation rate among Minority citizens decreases, the percentage of them being locked up increases.

I could go on but I believe you fully comprehend that "Houston we definitely have a problem" as it relates to American Race Relations.

Is this situation hopeless?

Is it possible for Minority citizens to walk in the same Legal bliss and exercise their God given via the U.S. Constitution as White citizens in this country?

Yes but not until the 6 Keys to Recovery listed below are carried out.

An Effective American Black Agenda should require that:

1) Black Voters begin to think for themselves when its time to cast their ballots versus supporting Black candidates via Straight Ticket Voting, without researching what those Black candidates' perspectives are on issues pertinent to the Black community.

I mean come on at least check to see if they have done anything at all to help support the Black Community. Even on a small Grassroots level.

Instead of running in "Packs" (going along to get along) learn to think for yourself! Isn't that why God Almighty gave each person born on Planet Earth a Brain and a Mind??

2) Black Voters should expect their elected Black officials to actually represent them versus just sitting in Public Office as silent, Token Politicians rubber stamping bills for the purpose of getting their palms greased.

What are you voting for True Representation or a Lame Sitting Duck??

3) Black Voters should expect their Black Leaders to lead by example by publicly Speaking up when it comes to blatant, obvious Racism in areas such as: Equitable & Fair Business Opportunities (ex. Bank Loans for Small Businesses), Education, Employment, Equal Justice within the U.S. Criminal System, Fair Housing, Health Care, Fair Credit Practices, Fair Taxation, etc., instead of behaving like scared "Uncle Toms".

4) Black Voters should expect their elected Black Officials & Leaders to take ACTION against blatant, obvious Racist policies in such areas as: Equitable & Fair Business Opportunities(ex. Bank Loans for Small Businesses), Education, Employment, Equal Justice within the U.S. Criminal System, Fair Affordable Housing, Health Care, Fair Credit Practices, Fair Taxation, etc., instead of behaving like scared "Uncle Toms".

5) Black Voters should STOP electing Black candidates who don't give a darn about them unless...they run in tight knit, Elite circles. (Fraternities, Sororities, Freemasons, etc.,)

And one more thing...

6) Whatever happened to Black Leaders who were Free Thinkers like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X?

Oh that's right they were assassinated!

Well...if your NOT willing to lay down your life for your Brother or Sister, than don't run for Public Office.

If you can't take the heat, get out or stay away!

Want to get rich?

Than do your research (supply & demand), draft a good Business plan, start the Business, Work hard and spend your money wisely.

In other words don't get involved in Politics just to fatten your pockets.

No American Black Agenda needed indeed!

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends".

John 15:13

"I prefer Liberty with danger than Peace with Slavery".

Jean Jaqueas Rousseau

"A Slave is one who waits for someone else to Free him".

Rosellen Brown

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