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Saturday, May 8, 2010

30 Major Causes Of Failure By Napoleon Hill

The 30 Major Causes Of Failure By Napoleon Hill

1) Unfavorable Heredity Background (This deficiency can be corrected via "Mastermind or Positive Thinking methods" and Education.)

2) Lack of a Well-Defined Purpose In Life.

3) Lack of Ambition to Aim Above Mediocrity.

4) Insufficient Education
(It takes more than a University Degree to make one a person of Education. Experience has proven that the best educated people are often those whom are self-educated. Education is not just Knowledge, but the Ability and Wisdom to properly apply Knowledge.)

5) Lack of Self-Discipline.

6) Very Ill Health.
(Ill health can come be overcome with Faith, proper nutrition, exercise, medication and a positive state of mind.)

7) Unfavorable Environmental Influences During Childhood.
(Most people who have Criminal tendencies acquire them as a result of being reared in a Poor Environment and the influence of Negative Associates during Childhood or Adolescent years.)

8) Procrastination

9) Lack of Persistence

10) Critical/ Negative Personality

11) Lack of Controlled Sexual Urge

12) Uncontrolled Desire of "Something For Nothing" Mentality

13) Lack Of Well-Defined Decision-Making Ability

14) Fear of Failure

15) Wrong Selection of Mate in a Marriage

16) Over Caution

17) Wrong Selection of Business Associates

18) Lack Of Faith/ Being Superstitious and Prejudice

19) Wrong Selection of an Occupation/ Vocation

20) Lack of Concentration Or Focus

21) Indiscriminate Spending/ Poverty/ Poor Financial Choices

22) Lack of Enthusiasm

23) Lack of Creativity and Imagination/ Inability to Dream

24) Intemperance

25) Anti-Social/ Inability To Cooperate with Others/ Poor Teamwork Skills

26) Possession of Power Not Acquired via Self-Effort
(Ex. Wealthy children who were NOT taught the value of Money or Work.)

27) Intentional Dishonesty/ Habitual LIAR

28) Egotism, Narcissism and Vanity

29) Lack of Critical Thinking Skills/ Guessing versus using Facts.

30) Lack of Capital or Sufficient Capital
(This is the common cause of Failure for Entrepreneurs.)

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