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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pat McCrory Viciously Attacked By N.C. Dems, False Charges (Decision 2012)

N.C. Democrats Accuse Pat McCrory's Campaign Of Using Illegal Contributions

N.C. Democrats are going after former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory 18 months after he lost the race for North Carolina governor.

The controversy revolves around an Independent political action committee (PAC) that was set up in May 2008. That committee raised and spent $625,000 on the governor's election.

The North Carolina Democratic Party alleges that the committee wasn't Independent at all, and instead, McCrory's campaign manager relied on friends and colleagues to donate to the committee and all the money benefitted McCrory

The Democrats say, if true, under state law that's illegal.

"The public needs to trust and the state Board of Elections needs to know if someone says they are operating independently that they are. Otherwise, it flies in the face of why we have disclosure rules in the first place," said Andrew Whalen, executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

NewsChannel 36 anchor Dave Wagner spoke with Pat McCrory by phone Thursday afternoon.

McCrory said, "It's obscene. They're making this stuff up. There are absolutely no facts behind this. I would ask Bev Perdue to ask the head of the Democratic Party to resign."

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