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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oprah Interviews Rielle In Charlotte, Praises City But Happy She Lives In Chicago

Oprah Winfrey visited Charlotte, NC on yesterday to interview John Edward's new "baby mama" Rielle Hunter.

While in the so-called "Queen City" Oprah praised it.

Oprah please quit the act!

We all know as a close friend to Pres. Obama who will run for office again in 2012, you had to speak well about Charlotte, despite everyone else knowing its one of the most Racist cities within the Southeast.

Think I'm exaggerating or lying?

I invite you to check out Charlotte's Segregated Public Schools and than tell me I'm lying.

(Pres. Obama is trying to keep his Democrat Voters in Charlotte from jumping ship.)

If Charlotte were your permanent home, you wouldn't be saying "how lucky we are to be here".

Oprah dear why do you think former Charlotte Panthers Player Julius Peppers defected to the Chicago Bears?

He was sick and tired of Charlotte's Extreme Racism!

Don't get it twisted people!

Just because Oprah has money doesn't mean she would be treated like Royalty if she lived in this region.

At least NOT in Charlotte because she isn't White!

When it comes to positive Race Relations Charlotte stinks and rates a lousy "F".

Our Black Mayor Anthony Foxx nicknamed "Uncle Foxx", is only a token front to keep Black Voters satisfied.

So please quit the act about how Charlotte is so wonderful.

By the way Oprah did any Black Charlotte News Reporters speak with you during your visit here?

I hope your interview with Rielle was successful but I do have just one question to ask:

How many aspirins did you have to take after it was all over?

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Oprah In Charlotte For Rielle Hunter Interview, Praises City But Happy She Lives In Chicago

Oprah Winfrey was in Charlotte Wednesday, interviewing John Edwards' former mistress, and she spoke exclusively to NewsChannel 36.

Rielle Hunter lives near Charlotte's Dilworth neighborhood.

Reporter Beth Shayne was there as Oprah left Hunter's home and the talk show host took a few moments to speak about the interview.

"This was a great interview," Oprah said. "We talked for about two and a half hours. She was genuine, I thought, and authentic. I think we'll see a side of her that, certainly, I've never known. I enjoyed the conversation. ... I had no resistance from Rielle Hunter on any questions whatsoever. She was really forthcoming. She was very open. She was very candid, and I would have to say, I felt, pretty truthful."

Oprah said she arrived in Charlotte Wednesday and she enjoyed her time in the Queen City.

"Let me just say Charlotte, y'all are the luckiest people in the world to be able to live in this town," Oprah said. "It's so gorgeous, just driving in looking at all the wild wisteria growing on the telephone lines. It's gorgeous. I love it."

Oprah landed the first televised interview with Hunter since former presidential candidate John Edwards first admitted two years ago that he had an affair with Hunter.

Hunter will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show on an unspecified date.

GQ magazine last month published the first interview with Hunter in which she addressed the scandal. She told the magazine the affair ended in July 2008 and that the relationship is now something "different." She didn't say whether they are still romantically involved but said Edwards wants to be there for their 2-year-old daughter.

Hunter told GQ her home near Dilworth costs here $1,500 a month. She said she does get some financial assistance from Edwards, but he does not pay her rent. She said John and Elizabeth own another home in Charlotte, but she could not afford the rent.

Her current neighbors report they know her, but not well. One woman was so protective of her privacy as to attempt to chase NewsChannel 36 off the public sidewalk near Winfrey's limosine.

CMPD has one record of a call from Hunter's address because of a person trespassing. Neighbors say they see paparazzi occasionally, particularly when there is a new development in the saga of her relationship wtih Edwards.

Edwards admitted in January that he is the girl's father after initially denying it. He and his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, are now separated.

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Sources: WCNC, McClatchy Newspapers, MSNBC, Google Maps

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