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Friday, April 2, 2010

Google Has Restored Black Political Buzz On Blogger But...

Well, Well isn’t that something?

Last weekend my blog Black Political Buzz was deleted without warning by Google from Blogger.

Instead of my waiting around I just decided to move on over to Word Press, however I kept the same domain name.

Mysteriously out of the blue, this morning my blog suddenly reappeared back on Blogger's web hosting platform.

Hmmm. What must I do?

Should I just manually delete it and blog solely on Word Press?

No, instead I’m going to stick with both of them.


Let’s just say I won’t be burned twice.

In the event it ever happens again, I’ll definitely be better prepared.

So all you haters who falsely reported my blog as being a Spam site didn’t win.

Black Political Buzz is definitely going places and it won’t be stopped by jealous haters.

To my loyal readers, thanks for your prayers and for sticking with me.

I truly appreciate you:)


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Sources: Wordpress, Google Maps

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