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Monday, April 5, 2010

Get Rates Regular People, Allows Freedom Of Speech

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"Get Unvarnished": People Ratings Web Site Unleashes Controversy

For a Web site about reputation, "Get Unvarnished" is having a tough time establishing a good one of its own.

In the few days since its debut earlier this week, the Silicon Valley start-up, which lets users submit anonymous reviews about anyone, has weathered a firestorm of fierce reviews about itself.

Tech blogs and media sites have called it everything from a "clean, well-lighted place for defamation" to a "public bathroom wall for everyone on the planet" to "a completely evil social network."

Critics say there is little to prevent the Web site's conversation from devolving into the hate fests found on so many sites populated with anonymous comments. But others say the honesty on Unvarnished might not just be a breath of fresh air but a potentially helpful resource for recruiters looking to fill jobs.

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