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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anne Tompkins Officially Confirmed As U.S. Attorney (Western District)

Charlotte lawyer Anne Tompkins Confirmed As U.S. Attorney

The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed Anne Tompkins as the U.S. Attorney for Charlotte and the Western District of North Carolina.

President Obama nominated Tompkins for the post last December.

Tompkins, 47, is a former Federal and State Prosecutor.

She has been a partner in the law firm of Alston & Bird in Charlotte where she has handled white collar Criminal Defense and advised corporations on how to comply with Federal laws and stay out of trouble.

Tompkins will earn $153,000 a year and oversee more than 30 prosecutors stationed in Charlotte and Asheville.

The Western District stretches from Charlotte to the Tennessee border.

As a State Prosecutor, Tompkins helped put serial killer Henry Louis Wallace on death row in 1997 for the murders of nine Charlotte women.

As a Federal prosecutor, Tompkins went on an eight-month assignment to Iraq in 2004 and helped advise the tribunal that prosecuted Saddam Hussein.

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Sources: McClatchy Newspapers,, Google Maps

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