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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can Obama Win Back Former Ardent Supporters?

(Letter to President Barack Obama from a former strong supporter)

Dear President Obama:

Congratulations on the recent passage of your Health Care Reform bill.

I'm a Voter, Blogger and a former ardent supporter you lost during the Health Care Reform debate.

Before I proceed its imperative you know I do not agree with all of the provisions listed in the HC Reform bill (now law).

However since Health Care reform was so desperately needed in our country, at least your law could be considered the framework for a future system that will work well for all legal citizens.

Mr. President in your quest for Bi-Partisanship support, it appears you procrastinated too long during the Health Care Reform bill drafting process.

This procrastination hindered your administration from focusing on Jobs and Education.

Why did you allow this to occur?

When it was evident Republicans were NOT going to support HC Reform, why didn't your administration and other Dems just pass the bill anyway?
After all didn't Democrats have the majority?

Why did you wait until Scott Brown won to finally take charge?

While I do agree that having Bi-Partisan support on major legislation is of vital importance, both parties must fully cooperate and/or compromise to achieve Bi-Partisan success.

Because you allowed the GOP to kill your Health Care message, even I became Angry and began attacking your administration's weakness, or what appeared to be weakness on my Blog.

Today I wish to offer my deepest apologies but I hope while your still in office you never, ever allow such complacency on important issues to occur again.

You are our President! We believed in you! We voted for you!

Effective Leaders don't second guess themselves, over analyze situations, procrastinate, they're NOT afraid to take risks and they aren't satisfied with being in second place.

Real Health Care Reform, Education Reform, Financial Reform are the CHANGEs we voted for and are still seeking.

Again I apologize but how can you win back millions of American Voters and former supporters like myself?

How can you help make us believe in the substance of your administration's agenda and efforts again?

I live in North Carolina where Public Schools are being Re-Segregated across the board. (Wake County & Charlotte-Mecklenburg, etc.,)

NC BCBS increased their rates but decreased Patient Care & Quality of Care for their members.

(NC Blue Cross, Blue Shield (North Carolina's Health Care Insurance monopoly) increased their rates again prior to the passing of your health care reform bill.)

Will your administration just sit back and allow these injustices to continue or will you as our nation's Leader take charge?

I represent average Americans and we need help!

Please no more procrastination or political games. Please.

As a current resident of Charlotte, North Carolina I've seen enough Corrupt, Slack Leadership to last a lifetime. Now I'm ready for CHANGE.

God Bless



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