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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Afghan & Iraq War Vet Suicide Rate Alarmingly High! 18+ Daily! (Videos)


Please Don't Bash U.S. Military Personnel Currently Serving To Defend Our Country.
Those SAME Members of the U.S. Military You are choosing to Blast & Criticize, are the SAME Military Personnel Working Hard each day to Protect You & Defending Your Rights as an American Citizen.

So unless You Have EVER Served in the U.S. Military Or Unless You have members of Your Immediate Family Who served in the U.S. Military, Please Refrain from Criticizing members of the U.S. Military.

Especially U.S. Soldiers who have been Deployed Multiple times.

Have you EVER served in the U.S. Military?
Have you EVER completed Basic Training?
Have you EVER served in a Combat Zone?
Have you EVER been Shot at by Iraq or Afghanistan Citizens?
Have you EVER suffered a Brain Injury or PTSD as a result of serving in Iraq or Afghanistan?

If your response is "NO" to those questions, than why are you complaining about the Actions of U.S. Soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan?

I have a Husband who retired from the U.S. Army after 23 Years of Active Duty Service.
He served in Vietnam & Saudi.

My husband personally witnessed 2 of his Friends getting their heads Blown Off by the Vietcong.
Witnessing such Tragedies Still affects him years later because he is a Human Being.
And during his time in Vietnam my husband was Injured.

My Father Served in the U.S. Army during War time.
My Uncles & Cousins served in the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy & Marines.
Now my Son & his Fiancee’ are also Serving in the U.S. Army.

I am Tired of Arrogant People, Especially Arrogant BLACK Men & Women, who NEVER served One day Defending this Country, Criticizing Members of our Armed Services.

I am also Tired of Politicians from both sides of the Aisle, using Our U.S. Military Personnel as Pawns to win Elections.

If Your Religion disavows War or Military Service, I respect Your Decision NOT to Serve in the U.S. Military.
But please don’t use Your Religion as an Excuse to Bash or look down upon our Brave Men & Women who choose to Defend this Country via U.S. Military Service.

I Don’t Condone the type of Violence which took place last weekend when that Army Sergeant Killed 16 Afghan Civilians but who are we to Judge?

Who are we to Judge?

NONE of us except GOD, the U.S. Army & that Army Sergeant knows what really happened or what that Man has experienced during each of his Deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan.

Since he was Suffering from a Brain Injury why was he Still being Allowed to Serve or why was he Still being Deployed to another Dangerous War Zone?

I can bet he was either BLACK or Latino!
I could be Wrong but in this instance I don’t think I am.

BLACK & Latino Soldiers are Often Deployed more frequently to Combat Zones than WHITE Soldiers.

For BLACKS & Latinos serving in the U.S. Military, Racial Discrimination is Still a Major Issue!

Now Add Racial Discrimination to the Stress of trying to Stay Alive while serving in a War Zone.

So unless You plan on Immediately Enlisting into the U.S. Military & Defending the United States Of America (Your Current Home), then please take that Anti-Military Sentiment Somewhere else!

God Bless Our Men & Women Who Serve This Country Via the U.S. Military!

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Sources: Al Jazeera English, Russia Today, Youtube, Google Maps

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