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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Abel Gutierrez's Family Murder-Suicide Caused By Iraq War PTSD

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I am Not Opposed to War. Instead I am Opposed to Unnecessary Wars. i.e., Iraq & Afghanistan, Vietnam, Bay of Pigs.

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales served in Iraq & Afghanistan. He Suffered from Severe PTSD as a Result of 4 Deployments, Brain & Foot Injuries. Part of his foot had to be amputated.
It is believed Bales recently Killed 16 Afghan Civilians while on Duty at an Outpost Base in Afghanistan.

Abel Gutierrez was also an Iraq War Veteran. He also Suffered from Severe PTSD.
Gutierrez recently Murdered his 11-Yr old Sister, Mother than Committed Suicide.

Men like Staff Sgt. Robert Bales & Abel Gutierrez are being Unfairly Judged by people in the Media who NEVER served one day in the U.S. Military or in a Combat Zone.

I believe Bales is being Unfairly Judged because some people within the Federal Gov't want to use him as an Example to prove something to Afghanistan President Karzai.

Gutierrez is being Unfairly Judged because he's Hispanic, plain & simple.

This Troubles Me Immensely!
Its another Vietnam all over again.

After Drafting American Males ages 17 to 35, then Sending them to War to Vietnam & Cuba, upon their return they were treated like DIRT!

Although the Men & Women serving in the 21st Century U.S. Military were NOT Drafted they still served their Country.
Yet they are being treated like DIRT!
Thousands of Men & Women are returning home from Iraq & Afghanistan, Suffering from PTSD, yet the Federal Gov’t is Refusing to Treat them or Give them Disability Benefits.
This is NOT right!

In fact, whenever a Service Member Suffering from PTSD Commits Suicide, the Federal Gov’t does NOT want to give their Survivors Life Insurance Money.
This is NOT right either.

As the 2012 Elections approach, Our Service Members are even being used as Pawns to help win those Elections.

Let's Please Continue Praying For Our Men & Women Serving In The U.S. Military.

Police: Girl, war vet dead in murder-suicide

Police are searching for the mother of an Iraq War veteran who may be hurt, after her son shot and killed his 11-year-old sister before taking his own life, authorities said.

Abel Gutierrez, 27, fatally shot his sister, Lucero, in the murder-suicide Thursday in California, police said. Family members told police they suspected he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Investigators searched during the night for his mother, Martha Gutierrez, 52, but there was no sign of the woman, police said.

Police said they found clues at the family home indicating that she might be hurt.

"It's horrible. We have no idea where she is," Gilroy police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao told The Associated Press. "We are desperately trying to find her."

Police were called to the Gutierrez apartment Wednesday night after a roommate came home, suspected something was wrong, and went back outside. Arriving officers found the bodies of Gutierrez and his little sister dead from gunshot wounds.

Police said they had contact with Abel Gutierrez as recently as late last month.

Family members told the San Jose Mercury News that Gutierrez often said that he wanted to kill himself "all the time" and would ask if that would hurt them.

Faustino Gutierrez, 46, Martha Gutierrez's brother, said the young veteran would sit on the sofa twirling a handgun and also brandished a rifle inside the family's apartment.

"He said he killed a lot of people in Iraq," said Faustino Gutierrez. "It was in his conscience, and he didn't want to live anymore."

A niece, Kristell Gutierrez, said she knew her uncle was "very mean" to his mother and blamed her for his father leaving the family.

Alissa Fernandez, a downstairs neighbor, told the newspaper that Gutierrez "was just weird, the way he would act."

Mario Reyes, a neighbor who lives beneath the Gutierrez family, told KNTV-TV that he thought he heard a scuffle — but no gunshots — around the time police say the shooting occurred.

Gallacinao said officers found at least two firearms used in the killings, but he would not say whether Gutierrez left a suicide note.

Abel Gutierrez served in the Army and had recently returned from Iraq. His family suspected he was suffering from PTSD, Gallacinao said.

Police had been called to his apartment on Feb. 29, but Gutierrez did not seem dangerous and did not meet the criteria to be placed on a psychiatric hold, Gallacinao said.

Instead, police began working with the family and Office of Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto to help him.

Gutierrez had been receiving care at a VA facility in Puget Sound, Wash., confirmed Kerrie Childress, a spokeswoman for the Department of Veterans Affairs Care System in Palo Alto. She said she could not provide further details.

Jeri Rowe, public affairs director at the Puget Sound facility, said she was unable to confirm or release any information concerning Gutierrez because of privacy regulations.

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Sources: ABC News, CBS News, Google Maps

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